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Intuitive Astrology: Neptune Retrograde 2022

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces right before the Cancer New Moon on June 28, sending strong water energy through our cosmic skies.

The element of water is all about going with the flow, connecting with our emotions, and allowing our softer, more sensitive side to shine through.

Watery energy can activate our natural intuition and psychic abilities, and heighten our perception of the unseen world. We can channel it to fuel our creative projects, to feel inspired and connected with all of life around us, and to receive messages from our spirit guides.

Watery energy can also feel overwhelming at times too. The waves can be choppy and we can feel like we are struggling to stay afloat.

With all of this strong water energy activated on June 28, with Neptune stationing retrograde in the water sign of Pisces and the New Moon in the water sign of Cancer, we are going to have to be mindful of where we are holding our balance.

One of the best ways to counter strong watery energy is to release control, go with the flow, and trust in the process. Grounding and connecting to the earth, which is the opposite element of water, can also help.

While this strong watery energy will course through our cosmic skies on June 28, Neptune Retrograde is one of those subtle energies that we don’t feel that strongly. As the days progress, the watery energy will simmer down and Neptune Retrograde will fade into the background of our lives until it stations direct again on December 9, 2022.

A planet is always at its strongest the day it stations retrograde and the day it stations direct again, so these are the dates we want to pay attention to.

Neptune is the ruler of water, spirituality, intuition, creativity, illusions, deceits, dreams, art, fantasy, entertainment, drugs, and alcohol. Whenever Neptune’s energy is strong, it casts a veil, which can sometimes create fogginess or confusion. Neptune does this as it wants us to look beyond our external world and move into our internal world for guidance. When the outside world is foggy, Neptune reminds us that the only place to look is within.

When Neptune enters Retrograde however, the veil is lifted and we are confronted with the truth. Illusions can come crashing down, and deceits can be exposed. Neptune Retrograde can reveal things that were hiding or that we perhaps didn’t want to see.

This particular Neptune Retrograde cycle will also be helping us to look back over the events from late June to early December 2021, to see if we need to look at things with a healthy dose of reality. We may have to take our rose-colored glasses off if we have been wearing them, and face up to the truth.

As Neptune rules over spirituality, its retrograde period is also a good time to reflect on your spiritual journey and whether or not you are walking in alignment with your soul.

Without the veil of illusion surrounding us, Neptune Retrograde allows us to see where we may have been falsely led on our spiritual journey, or where we have been leading with our ego rather than love.

Neptune is also the planet of unconditional love, the unconditional love that is beyond our relationships and is connected to the forever part of our soul essence. This is the love that we are and the love that we will return to.

Under Neptune Retrograde, reflect on how you can activate and welcome more of this unconditional love energy into your life. What is blocking you from feeling the love that you are? What is preventing you from connecting with that big love energy that lives within and shining it out to the rest of the world?

Depending on where you are on your journey, Neptune Retrograde may be guiding you to access and feel more of this love, or share more of this love with those around you.

Neptune Retrograde 2022 will also take us back a few months to April. On April 12, 2022, Neptune aligned with Jupiter. This was a rare and special alignment and now that Neptune is in Retrograde, it will come close to Jupiter once more. While it won’t align directly with Jupiter again, we may see themes or issues from this time reappearing, especially from October to December 2022.

If something significant happened around April, Neptune being in retrograde may actually help you to make sense of things and gain a deeper perspective and clarity around the situation. In fact, this is a very positive alignment, which could also see some big rewards or creative projects coming your way.

Neptune Retrograde 2022 can stir the waters, lift the veil, and help us move towards a higher and more aligned truth. To work intentionally with this energy, try these journal prompts-

Neptune Retrograde 2022 Journal Prompts

Allowing my intuition to lead, I can move into greater alignment with my soul by…

My creative juices flow freely when I…

What is preventing me from facing up the truth?

I feel confused about…. The things I am certain about regarding this situation are… (challenge yourself to list as many as possible)


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