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Intuitive Astrology: Uranus and the North Node 2022

From the end of July and all through the month of August, there is unsettling energy flowing into the cosmic skies. This unsettling energy peaks on July 31 as Uranus, the planet of change and awakening aligns with the Lunar North Node, which is considered our highest point of destiny.

Even though unsettling energy is not something we ever like to experience, the energy from the North Node gives us some reassurances that it’s leading us to a higher future; that it’s helping to unlock events that can help us to ascend in consciousness, not just on an individual level, but as a planet.

Uranus and the North Node have never come together before in our lifetime. What’s interesting to note too, is that on July 31, Mars will join the alignment for a few days making this especially rare.

Astrology is all about following the patterns, but seeing as there is no a record of Uranus, the North Node, and Mars coming together before, and seeing how Uranus is known as the planet of surprise and the unexpected, it remains to be a bit of a mystery of what will unfold. However, as Uranus and the North Node come together in the earthy and grounded sign of Taurus this gives us some clues.

Unlocking the Energies of the Uranus North Node Conjunction

Taurus rules over things relating to finances, agriculture, and the environment. As it is ruled by Venus, it can also bring to awareness matters of the heart, including our relationships and our feelings of self-worth and value.

The addition of Mars, even though short-lived, adds a fiery element to all of this too, meaning that whatever comes into our awareness may stir heated emotions. As this is playing out on more of a global level, it may inspire revolutionary acts, changes that are met with resistance, or even protests.

Saturn is also in the mix too, forming a weak but active alignment to Uranus. This energy dynamic was a major feature for 2021 and created a push-pull between the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus). You can read more on it here, but we may see ripples of Saturn’s activity added into the mix too.

The Sabian Symbol for the Uranus North Node conjunction can also provide us with clues. As this conjunction falls at 18 degrees of Taurus, the psychically intuited symbol for this degree is “a new continent rising out of the ocean.”

What incredible imagery! Seeing a new continent rising out of the ocean evokes all sorts of feelings, a wonder, a mystery, and excitement about this new land and what it may hold. While there is this impulse to explore the new, a continent doesn’t emerge from the water without a lot of rumbling and shaking. Discovering a whole new continent can also rattle our own beliefs, or change the way we have been thinking about the world.

Whatever unfolds under this fated alignment, it is important to remember that Uranus is the planet of awakening. While it can bring unsettling information or even shocking information at times, it does so to awaken our minds, to push us further, and to help us to break free from boundaries and restrictions.

Uranus is responsible for activating our Kundalini energy, for opening our third eye, and ascending to higher levels of consciousness. The energy of Uranus can spark innovation and lead to radical new ideas. As it joins with the North Node, we can use its energy to free ourselves from all that is holding us back, to give grounded energy to our radical ideas, and to move from a more awakened and mindful state.

The North Node is not a planet or cosmic body but rather a mathematical axis calculated between the Sun and Moon. It is a sacred, karmic point in any chart, and as it’s activated by Uranus, we are all getting a shake-up to move us to our highest destiny and a higher expression of our truth.

Consciously working with this energy can help to activate our purpose, move us in alignment with our destiny, and can help to awaken our consciousness to higher levels.

Journal Prompts & Exercises for the Uranus North Node Conjunction

What new changes in my life am I resisting?

Make a list of 10 bold things you have always wanted to try. Looking at your list are there any themes that you notice? Would it be possible to take on 1-2 of these things this year? Are there any fears that are standing in your way?

Without getting too much in your head, write down the first thoughts that come from this question- What do you think you were put on this earth to do?

Do a Kundalini Meditation or Kundalini Yoga

Try a walking meditation out in nature

Predictions for the Uranus North Node Conjunction

Powerful awakenings that change the course of our planet’s future

Revolution, especially in areas relating to finance, agriculture, or the environment

Ingenious or radical inventions that challenge the old vs. the new

The rattling of long-held beliefs

Change or innovation in the world of technology

A push for greater freedom by the people

Upheaval or change to farming and agriculture

Increased food supply issues and “supply and demand” issues in general

Instability in financial markets

Profound changes to global financial markets

Environmental issues

Natural resource issues

Strong weather patterns


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