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Intuitive Astrology: Virgo Full Moon March 2022

Does perfectionism get in the way of you taking that leap of faith, launching that project, or allowing the world to see the true and real you? How does perfectionism show up in your life, and how could it be blocking you from living to your fullest?

Author and researcher, Brene Brown defines perfectionism as a belief that if we do things perfectly or look perfect, we can avoid the pain of blame, judgment, and shame. Brown also helps to distinguish that perfectionism and self-improvement are not the same. Perfectionism is rooted in the desire for approval and what other people think, whereas self-improvement is rooted in personal growth and is centered around the self.

The idea of perfectionism and how it shows up in our lives is in the air around the March 18th Virgo Full Moon. The Universe is challenging us to confront where we may be using perfectionism to hide or to thwart our movement forward.

By taking the deep dive to ask ourselves these questions, we may just unroot some hindering beliefs, or help ourselves get to the bottom of some self-esteem issues. We may also find ourselves becoming more aware of our self-worth and what it is that we truly deserve.

While this self-exploration is likely to run deep, Full Moons are always a supportive time in the month for release.

Once we have identified something we no longer wish to carry, we can trust that the Full Moon energies will help guide our way to letting go. All we have to do is set an intention and then wait for the inspired action that tends to follow under the lunar vibrations.

Work with this Virgo Full Moon to confront and release where you may be holding on to perfectionism. Admit to yourself how you are using it to hold you back and prevent yourself from doing the things that you want to do.

You can also use this Full Moon energy to think about how you are acknowledging, or not acknowledging your self-worth. You deserve better, so how you can show yourself this? How can you live your life from the vantage point that you matter and your authentic self deserves to be seen?

By working through these points, you are likely to see great progress as the March Moon guides your way.

The Virgo Full Moon is also the last before the March 2022 Equinox. The March Equinox is a pivotal point in astrology as it’s considered the start of the astrological year.

Before we begin a new astrological year, we can use the cleansing energies of this Full Moon to reflect on the journey we have traveled over the last 12 months and to do away with things that we no longer wish to take with us into the new year.

As mentioned, Full Moons are always a powerful time for cleansing and releasing, so along with letting go of perfectionism, think about what other areas of your life or even emotions you wish to clear yourself from.

Set intentions for these and then allow the Full Moon magic to show you the way. By working in harmony with the cycles of the Universe, you can find a greater ease in everything that you do.

In fact, creating your own connection with the Universe and using your own intuition to connect with the Virgo Full Moon is also highly supported thanks to the planet Neptune.

Neptune is the planet of spiritual growth and can help accelerate the development of our intuition and the opening of our third eye. Under this energy, our intuition is likely to be heightened to be sure to listen to any gut feelings or nagging tugs from your inner voice.

On the surface, Neptune can sometimes cloud things, making it hard to see the path forward or confusing to know which way to turn. This is an effort to get us to stop seeking validation from our external world and instead, turn within.

If there is something unsettling going on in your life under this Full Moon energy, see if you can remove the noise, and turn your attention away from the external to the internal. Get still and quiet with whatever is troubling you and see if you can look at things from the perspective of Spirit.

Taking this approach under Neptune energy is often a little easier, and can guide us to a richer and deeper understanding. Working with Neptune can also help change how we see things, allowing us to understand that we are all on a spiritual journey, that all is temporary, that there really is no separation, and most of life’s lessons are here to support the growth of our soul.

Looking at things from a spiritual perspective and understanding the higher purpose doesn’t spare us from working through our human emotions, but it can create some ease and allow us to feel supported, even if we are going through something challenging.

If it feels aligned, reach out to your guardian angels, spirit guides, or a loved one passed under this Full Moon. Know that Divine support is always just a call away, and be open to any signs that these beings wish to send your way.

The energy of Virgo can sometimes also stir things in regards to our health, so be sure to look after yourself under this energy and try not to overdo it or take on too much. There are no prizes for running yourself into the ground!

Under this Virgo Full Moon energy, give yourself permission to disconnect from ideas of perfectionism, and reinstate your self-worth. Allow this to fuel a spiritual journey, one where you travel to dimensions beyond this time and place and gain the understanding that your soul has a plan and already knows the way.


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