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June 17th, 2023 – Saturn Goes Retrograde

On June 17th, 2023, Saturn goes retrograde at 7° Pisces. This is the first time Saturn retrogrades in the sign of Pisces, so you want to pay attention to what kind of themes transpire around the station.

Planets’ changes of direction are very important: when a planet stations direct or retrograde, it spends an usual amount of time at the same degree of the zodiac, thus drawing our attention to a particular area of our life.

Think of your daily walk in the park. You normally walk at a steady pace every day. One day you stop at a particular spot; perhaps your phone rings, or you wait for your dog.

And because you stopped, you start paying attention to your surroundings. You notice a particular building, or a tree, or someone sitting on a bench – things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

That’s exactly how a planetary station works.

Saturn’s station at 7° Pisces will draw your attention to a particular topic connected to your Pisces natal house, OR, if you also happen to have planets around 7° Pisces (or around 7° in other signs) Saturn’s station will become particularly relevant. (by Astrobutterfly)

On June 17: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

Saturn stations retrograde on the same day as the New Moon, amplifying its energy. Saturn moved into Pisces in March 2023, so this is the first time in almost 28 years that we are experiencing a Saturn Retrograde in Pisces! Saturn is our master teacher and the Lord of Karma. During this retrograde period, we are invited to review lessons and teachings of our past, just to make sure we have understood them! We may very well notice themes that were prevalent in March coming back around for further inspection. Saturn can bring challenges, and its retrograde can bring those challenges closer to the surface. But with Saturn, our task is to step up and take responsibility. Saturn never brings a challenge we can’t handle, so trust you can navigate through whatever comes up! (by Tanaaz)

Astro Butterfly

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