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Jupiter re-enters Aries

On December 20, 2022, Jupiter will move into the fiery and independent sign of Aries, where it will remain until the following May.

The planet of luck, expansion, growth, and happiness, Jupiter is the largest entity, outside of the Sun, in our solar system. This immensity corresponds to the kind of growth it continually invites us to experience as it travels through the zodiac.

Aries, as the first of the zodiac, is the excitement that sparks ideas and sets every step thereafter into motion. It is inspiration, initiation, and determination.

While in Aries, Jupiter will bring expansion of our personal courage, growth in our leadership qualities, and rejuvenation of our inspiration and vitality. Consider this time one of fortune and luck through action.

Jupiter spent May to October of 2022 in Aries before it dipped backward to retrograde through Pisces. Allow yourself to explore the themes that presented themselves in your life during this time, especially anything related to novel ideas, initiations taken, or new chapters. How did you grow or change during this time? What felt exciting to you? Did any desires spring forth? What, if anything, did you initiate during these months?

As Jupiter returns to Aries this December, we are presented with a second opportunity to leap into whatever direction is calling our name. For the next 5 months, our acts of courage, independence, leadership, and initiation will be our tickets into the beautiful opportunities, abundance, and growth that Jupiter wants to shower us with.

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