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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus at 15°59’ degrees ~ On November 8, 2022


Getting back to basics

Defining your value system


Letting go of what is no longer working

Using conflict productively

A Full Moon full of surprises illuminates the skies on November 8th. Not only is this a Full Moon, but it’s also a Lunar Eclipse, the closing finale to the last Eclipse season of 2022.

Intense doesn’t even come close to describe how this latest season has been, with many surprising, unexpected endings as well as profound new beginnings. Relationships in particular seem to have been put to the test, with only the very strongest managing to emerge intact on the other side. With this Eclipse, there’s more to come and the collective challenge is to stay true to our values whilst allowing change to come in and clear away old debris and outworn baggage.

In Taurus, this Full Moon highlights how important it is that we move out of our comfort zones. The honest truth is that with Uranus exactly conjunct the Moon, we won’t be able to resist the sweeping and irreversible shifts that this lunation is likely to bring. Uranus, the ‘Great Liberator” is here to help us all step into the next paradigm and realign ourselves with our most authentic and unique path.

Now’s the time to ask yourself what in your world is demanding utter and total freedom? Many of us are likely to find that the answer is primarily relationships, followed closely by home, then finances. These are all areas ruled by Taurus, the sign generally associated with stability, security and routine. But, because of this powerful Uranian influence, stability is the last thing to happen, as we navigate powerful transformations and unpredictable climaxes.

Eclipses – especially Lunar Eclipses – can have a way of opening up karmic doors to the past, whether from this life or the last. As such, we may experience deep wounding that might not be entirely personal – there’s something about this energy that’s connected to the collective and to our soul’s cosmic journey. Knowing this, we’re able to take things a little less personally and move away from victim mentality. Instead of wondering why this is all happening ‘to’ you, think of why it could all be happening ‘for’ you, instead.

Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon, is closely conjunct the Sun, and in Scorpio. One of the shadows that we may dance with during this time is jealousy, possessiveness and power games. The higher evolution of Venus in Scorpio is transformative connections, deep relating and unbreakable loyalty. Striving for her positive expression is obviously where we need to go, but if you find yourself struggling with your shadow, be sure to be gentle. We’re just human, after all.

Relationship counselling or working with the Tantric principles of accepting the dark and the light equally may be useful tools to use whilst this season is unfolding. Learning about consent, communication and boundaries is equally useful. Doing shadow work is crucial, even if that simply means looking into the abyss and accepting what you find there. If there’s a relationship that needs to be released, go on and release it, but release it with love and compassion. With Saturn’s square to the luminaries, we may feel, at first, afraid and insecure, but once we move past some of these self-imposed limitations, we’ll find that delicious freedom is waiting for us on the other side.


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