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LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS For the week of November 7-13, 2022

The week ahead delivers opportunities for massive quantum leaps and a significant gear shift into the uncharted realms of evolutionary potential. Our hearts are leading the way, and it matters that we wake up, listen, and trust the divine communication coming online.

The 2nd and final eclipse of this 2022 season occurs early Tuesday morning 11/8 with a Taurus Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus in a stepping stone (T square) with Saturn. Interestingly, exactly 19 years ago on 11/8/2003, we experienced a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at the same degree of Taurus, just as Uranus stationed direct at 29 Aquarius. Also referred to as the Harmonic Concordance (the 2nd wave of the Harmonic Convergence from 1987), that activation awakened higher frequencies of Divine Love, and the higher communication from the 5D heart. This week delivers an equally potent calling of the heart that can’t be ignored or denied. It’s up to us to listen.

The 2003 Taurus Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse formed a Star of David, including a grand earth manifestation with Chiron and Jupiter, and a grand water manifestation with the Sun, Mars, and Saturn (conjunct Sirius). That’s a massive harmonic activation calling forth the awakened expansion of our social consciousness through individual and collective healing and personal mastery. This upcoming 2022 Taurus Full Moon/ Lunar eclipse occurs conjunct Uranus, with Saturn holding the intersection/cross roads. Interestingly, Saturn is moving forward to reclaim his retrograde shadow on 1/22 at 25 Aquarius conjunct Venus, in a grand air manifestation with Arcturus and the degree of Mars’ retrograde station. The fact that Uranus, Saturn, and Mars are involved in both of these events is important. In 2022, the aspects reveal a significant crossroad, a pivotal opportunity to awaken, choose the higher path, and embody Love. This choice is revolutionary.

Any choice made from such an epic cross roads situation must be made from the heart. Not the emotional feelings from the personal heart, but the higher octave of the 5D awakened heart. The personal attachments, feelings, and emotions can lead us into disempowerment and confusion at times, whereas the high heart is attuned with Universal Love, the highest lens of vision that allows us to see clearly. Moment to moment, we navigate the unfolding of life-altering scenarios through a series of choices – stepping stones that emerge from the present moment, like navigating the ever changing currents of water or catching a wave. If we go on automatic pilot, tune out or check out, we miss the precious opportunities to choose, and we get taken by the current. When we choose from an awakened lens of Love, we access the highest vision and uncharted potential for radical transformation, generating a movement of conscious evolution, altering the wave pattern of the status quo.

Because Mars is currently retrograde while inside of a wormhole/eclipse passage, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of our actions and reactions, and aware of what’s motivating and driving those actions/reactions. We have the opportunity for quantum leaps into new dimensions by mindfully navigating each choice point from the highest lens of vision available. That highest lens is accessible through the heart. It’s important to remember, if we’re triggered or attached to any particular outcome or result, we become limited by our local lens of consciousness. When we transcend the triggered attachment, we can access that higher lens of non-local consciousness, which sets us free to choose from the most empowered lens of clarity, truth, and wisdom.

Our current choices in attitudes, thoughts, words, and actions are manifesting our perception of the next moment or the next wave. If we react to what’s currently in play, we perpetuate that wave and engage with its current pattern and frequency. If we consciously choose from a higher lens, we can create something brand new, and even interrupt or redirect the current wave by elevating to a higher frequency. Our capacity for shape shifting and transmutation is amplified anytime we choose a higher octave of Divine Love on behalf of All. That kind of “in the moment” response requires presence, non-attachment, and equanimity.

The North Node (dharmic) in Taurus reminds us to find a deep seat of presence through the heart, and listen. As we cultivate an inner sense of wellbeing, safety, and sacred space, we can hear from a higher channel of clarity. When we’re triggered, reactionary, or impulsive, we can’t hear or see clearly, and oftentimes the nervous system is unsettled, firing messages of fear, anxiety, or stress through our cells. The dharmic potential is accessed within the sacred space and inner presence of the awakened heart. As we practice tuning in, deepening our connection, and awakening higher channels from within, we can receive the higher calling of the heart, and messages are received crystal clear.

Attuning to the heart and trusting the inner guidance mechanism of Awakened Love, we unleash infinite potential for alchemical transformation. The South Node (karmic) in Scorpio is where the magic is occurring, in the hidden dimensions below the surface. If we react, judge, or resist what we think we’re seeing from surface level appearances, we miss the opportunity to dive in deep, awaken and transform…metabolizing any confusion or distortion into a higher expression and manifestation. It takes courage, presence, and grace to move through the mystery of the unfamiliar and unrecognizable spaces while trusting and honoring the callings of the high heart, maintaining peace and inner stability. The heart knows how to travel through the Scorpio waters of uncertainty and mystery, as long as the mind is surrendered, supple, and at peace.

Safety and security are not found outside of ourselves, they’re cultivated within the inner spaces of our own mind/heart union. The practice of equanimity is one of the most powerful tools for developing and strengthening the awakened observer. If the mind is spinning or freaking out trying to figure things out, make a plan, or strategize our next move, we lose that strength and depth of observation, and we lose access to that higher lens of vision from the awakened heart. Ultimately, the mind breaks rapport with the heart, and there’s a loss of trust and safety. Our most fundamental template for partnership and yin/yang balance gets fractured when the mind breaks away from the heart. When the mind surrenders to the heart, leaning in for safety and security through solid presence, the mind can relax and open, allowing the inner navigation system of the heart to awaken and speak clearly. Trusting that inner calling of the heart, trusting the divine messages coming online, we can experience quantum leaps of unprecedented potential. The heart is the gateway to cosmic consciousness, ushering us through higher dimensions. From that higher ground, we can manifest limitless possibilities, truly unleashing our greatest potential and highest vision.

In Cosmic Consciousness, the earth sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, bringing us into relationship with Gaia, holding sacred space and profound presence from the heart. Taurus represents Mental Body Love, which is cultivated anytime we plant our mind through the heart, awakening the highest observer mind by calibrating the frequency of Love through our listening and presence. We may not always like what we’re seeing or feeling, but as we develop a deep seat of equanimity through the mind of the heart, we can hold steady peace and unwavering presence, regardless of the current conditions. That kind of presence allows the potential for alchemical shapeshifting and radical transformation to occur. When there’s peace within our foundation, we can witness and hold space for the most multidimensional unfolding, unraveling, and quantum leaps of awakening. If there’s no stability within our inner atmosphere, we might find ourselves flinching, reacting, or even resisting and refusing the necessary shifts and changes that are occurring. In an atmosphere of Love, we can trust that all is well, even in the temporary chaos of transformation and redesign. We can trust in a higher vision, and see through the surface level appearances of and into the heart of the matter.

What we resist, persists. When we don’t feel safe enough to traverse the uncertain waters of Scorpio alchemical transformation, we don’t actually bypass that water; we bottle it up, suppress it, and bring it with us wherever we go. Until we feel safe enough to trust the process, our fears and inhibitions remain tucked away below the surface, and continue to manifest through our next thoughts, words, and actions from the unconscious realms. The only way to harness and integrate our divine potential is to uncover and unearth all that lives below the surface, bringing love to all of the hiding spots and hidden dimensions. Love calibrates the presence of Peace, while activating a higher lens of vision and allowing that vision to manifest fully. That process of alchemical manifestation will reveal everything, making good use of the lower vibrational residue by metabolizing it into Light. Releasing any hiding spots of unresolved patterns and emotions, the Scorpio waters can uncover (and even resuscitate) the potential for brilliance and mastery hiding among the shadows.

As we clear the density of our shadows (personally and collectively) we free up the space for a higher vision to manifest. It’s important that we hold sacred space and generate peace as the deeper pockets of suppressed energy come up to the surface, so that the shadows can be met with Light, awakening the potential to manifest in the current moment. We can’t change the past, or what’s already been set in motion….however we can amplify our presence of Love as the new default setting of sacred space on the planet, on behalf of all beings. That conscious elevation in frequency can accelerate the necessary deconditioning and de-manifestation of misaligned energies and distortions, eventually restoring crystalline clarity and establishing a higher foundation of peace to build upon.

The practice this week is presence and awakening from automatic pilot. Notice the regular routines and familiar grooves you typically find yourself in on a daily basis. Find a moment of pause between habitual grooves and patterns, and elevate to a higher frequency of presence, as Love. Even if you continue doing the things you’ve always done, find the entry point to an elevated state of presence through the frequency of Love, and allow Love to be present in all that you do.

“Be here now.” ― Ram Dass

For the full article with details on Monday -Sunday follow this week:

Christine Clemmer

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