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Mars Conjunct Chiron – Living Up To Your True Potentia

“Know who you are. Know what you want. Know what you deserve. And don’t settle for less” – T. Gaskins

On June 15th, 2022 Mars was conjunct Chiron in Aries. The conjunction is active until June 25th, 2022 and comes with the opportunity to understand who we need to become so that we can get what we want.

Mars conjunct Chiron is one of the most intense Chiron transits, because Mars and Chiron work at cross purposes. Mars is about affirming the Self and going for what we want, while Chiron is where we feel odd and inadequate, where we don’t feel worthy of getting what we want.

If Chiron is the bridge, Mars conjunct Chiron will show us the GAP – the gap between what we want and what we have, the gap between who we are, and who we could be.

Chiron’s role is to help us find wholeness, by accepting and integrating those parts of ourselves that appear to be at cross-purposes.

Chiron is a half-man, half-horse centaur, so its role is to bring together those parts of us that are apparently incompatible. Our yin and yang, our animal nature and our spiritual nature.

If Chiron conjunct the Sun, the Moon, Venus or Mercury (the inner planets) are about accepting ourselves as we are DESPITE our insecurities, Mars conjunct Chiron has a different goal: to show us where we stand – who we are vs. who we should be, to show us the gap between our current capabilities and our true potential.

Mars is the first planet to go a full circle around the Sun (as seen from Earth) so its role is to get us ‘out there’ and help us become the next best version of ourselves.

Mars’ purpose is to push us outside our comfort zone so we can integrate in society (Jupiter, Saturn) and reach our full potential (outer planets).

So when Chiron is conjunct Mars, Chiron will point to what we need to improve, where we need to grow, so that we can find our purpose and reach our true potential.

Perhaps you give a presentation at work, and despite some good feedback, you know you didn’t do that great, or that at least there is room for improvement. You feel awkward because you don’t feel comfortable in the limelight.

These feelings of awkwardness are very painful because they point to a very deep wound: the wound of identity.

When we feel awkward, undeserving, odd, when we feel uncomfortable in the limelight – we are reminded about our deepest insecurities, about our very early abandonment.

If we’ve been neglected, unacknowledged as children (and we’ve all been there to a certain extent, since this is a condition of being ‘expelled’ into the wild wide world) then every time we are expected to “be seen”, these early, unprocessed feelings of doubt and abandonment resurface.

We feel again small and vulnerable like a small child. We are now adults, but still feel vulnerable, and this gap between what we think society expects from us (to be strong) and how we actually feel (vulnerable) makes us feel like a fraud.

Mars Conjunct Chiron – Living Up To Your True Potential

Beyond this self-doubt lies a deeper question “Do I have a right to be here?”, “Do I have a right to be born?”. We question our very existence.

But if we really stay with this question, and dig even deeper, we quickly understand the deeper truth, that we are already here, that our existence is not random, and this realization will raise the real question: “Am I truly living my life?”, “How close – or how far – am I from living my purpose?”.

The root cause of all our issues is not fulfilling our true potential. The “true potential” is of course, a very individual thing. Not everyone was born to be Mahatma Gandhi.

Perhaps your true potential is not becoming a bestselling author, or a corporate manager… it is becoming the very best at that thing you were designed to be the very best at. Perhaps your gift is sculpting in matches, or growing velvet dandelions.

Whatever your gift is, find it, and then bring it forward to the best possible potential. If your gift is sculpting in matches, then become the very best match sculptor out there.

Mars conjunct Chiron helps us understand not only who we are, but who we are meant to become. Our wants, needs and desires will hint to that person we are motivated to grow into.

In the process, Mars conjunct Chiron can make us painfully aware of our weaknesses and insecurities – and that’s not to put us down, but to show us what’s still left to be done.

Mars conjunct Chiron can trigger feelings of inadequacy, longing and impotence – but if we take a closer look, all that Mars conjunct Chiron does is to make us aware of what we really want.

We can feel like a loser because we’ve missed out on a promotion – but that’s just the victim angle of looking at things (and Mars doesn’t like being a victim). Instead of feeling down, we can instead feel grateful, that at least now we know what we want. We now have something to aspire towards.

The only reason we don’t have what we want (yet) is because we are not (yet) the person worthy of getting it.

This has nothing to do with our worth as human beings. We are all worthy – we exist, therefore we are worthy. This is an unquestionable truth.

But if we want something specific, if we want something that is limited, or in high demand, then Mars conjunct Chiron will point to where we need to grow so that we can get the object of our desire.

The Mars-Chiron conjunction marks the beginning of a new 2-year Mars-Chiron cycle.

The Mars-Chiron cycle that began on June 15th, 2022 ends on May 29th, 2024 when we have another Mars-Chiron conjunction. We have 2 years to act upon what has been revealed to us at the time of the conjunction.

In which area of your life is it crucial that you don’t settle for less? Where do you need to grow to become the best version of yourself? What specific actions do you need to take to get what you want?

Astro Butterfly

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