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Mercury in Cancer: Intuitive, Loving, Emotional

Jul 4, 2022 – Jul 19, 2022

MERCURY ENTERS CANCER TONIGHT AT 11:24pm PDT/ early Tuesday morning at 12:24am MDT/ 1:24am CDT/ 2:24am EDT

Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts, ideas, and the way we communicate with others. It is a planet of the mind, but the zodiac sign Cancer is all about feelings. Therefore, when Mercury enters this sentimental sign, his sharp, logical edges are softened, offering us an opportunity to understand and communicate our emotions more directly.

We have a real chance to get closer to others during this transit, because we’re willing to hear and share things that are more personal than usual. Mercury in Cancer encourages us to contemplate and discuss the things that make us feel most vulnerable, helping us find greater understanding in ourselves and strengthening the bonds of our relationships.

When Mercury is in Cancer

The mind and the heart grow closer while Mercury travels through Cancer. We think about things on a deeper level during this transit, and have a greater ability to process and express our feelings. Mercury in Cancer gives us a chance to communicate with a softer touch, become more intimate, and share ourselves more personally with others.

Cancer the Crab is focused on all the things that make us feel comfortable, safe, and loved. When the planet of communication is in this sign, it’s easier to connect lovingly with others. We want our family, friends, and loved ones to KNOW they’re loved, and we find it easy to express the most caring and protective sides of ourselves when Mercury is in Cancer.

During Mercury’s transit through Cancer, we should open our minds to the messages we receive from our intuition. As a Water sign, Cancer has a very acute intuition. Mercury’s dance through Cancer doesn’t erase Mercury’s usual logic, but expands it to include instincts and gut feelings -- information that cannot be put into words. This time gives us a heightened ability to draw necessary insights from sources you don’t always have access to.

It has been said that the biggest communication problem we humans have is that we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply. But that’s not the case with Mercury in Cancer. During this transit, we care enough to stop talking and start listening. Even silence can be full of meaning now. Mercury in Cancer is a reminder that real listening is done with the heart, as well as with the ears.

Mercury in Cancer Traits:











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