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Moon in Aquarius Dec 7, 2021 – Dec 9, 2021

MOON ENTERS AQUARIUS AT 3:49am PDT/ 4:49am MDT/ 5:49am CDT/ 6:49am EDT until Thursday puts you in a spontaneous mood, and one for genius ideas or rare insight. If you've been deep in an ordeal, you could get an intuitive hit that comes from objective Aquarian thinking.

When the moon is in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign of the visionary. So when the instinctual Moon is here, there can be emotional outbursts to go along with the inspiration. Thoughts about humanity as a whole and ways to be a contributor to its evolution are on our minds. We want to connect with everybody and are more open to those from very different walks of life.

Some power activities now: getting energy work, like acupuncture or reflexology; attend a community-building event; conceptualize a plan; brainstorm at work; send a mass email to friends and family; update your social networking profile; break free of a social convention; mix with those outside your usual circle; conspire to rebel or reform; break out of the matrix!

Molly Hall

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