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Moon in Taurus Mar 6, 2022 – Mar 8, 2022

MOON ENTERS TAURUS AT 12:01am PDT/ 1:01am MDT/ 2:01am CDT/ 3:01am EDT until Tuesday, bestowing a warm and grounded energy amongst us. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac.

When the Moon is in Taurus

It’s time to get in touch with the body beautiful. Take yourself for a manicure, massage your feet, have a bubble bath. Run your hands across your body and reconnect with the parts you love and those you don’t. If you have scars, honour them, for these scars show you survived. Venus can see the beauty in everyone. If you believe in your beauty, so will others.

Venus adores beautiful surroundings. Taurus is about the abundance of life. Go from room to room and look at all you have acquired What items remain the most important to you and why? Dust off any prized possessions. Throw or give away items that no longer hold any significance or can no longer perform the function they were intended for. A farmer needs to tend to the weeds as well as the seeds. Check your bank balance and explore websites or books that help you save and increase your earnings.

Essentially the Taurus Moon gives us a window in time where we can review what we have accomplished and also to look at what we value both in the material world and in ourselves. There is magic in Mother Earth and within each of her children.

Practical Things To Do Under a Taurus Moon

Have a massage, tend your garden, check your finances, make dinner for your lover, wear your favourite item of clothing, sing, go for a walk in the woods, treat yourself to something special, make time to do something you are naturally good at or make time to discover your gifts!

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