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Neptune Stations Direct ~ Turning Possibilities Into Reality

As Neptune emerges from retrograde, you'll find greater clarity around your sense of purpose and your perception of truth.

This week brings a change in direction to the dreamy and spiritual planet, Neptune. When its retrograde comes to an end on December 3, 2022, we will be offered the invitation to become one with our dreams, our hopes, and our true self.

Neptune emerges from retrograde

An outer planet, Neptune sits along the edge of what we know and what we have yet to discover. In astrology, Neptune is about the abstract and intuition. It rules over the indefinable.

As an archetype, Neptune cannot be adequately defined or contained within a box. We often think of this energy as what connects us with the oneness experienced in meditation, the transcendental aspect of movement, the abstract nature of our dreams, the flow of creativity. It blends boundaries until the separation between self and all that is becomes blurred. It is a planet that takes us into the unseen, into the dreamy realms of imagination and energy.

Neptune can also create a bridge into the world of disassociation, escapism, illusion, and the feeling of a veil or fog in between us and reality. Because Neptune is a planet that is farther away from us than most, its effects may not be obvious in our everyday lives. Rather, it exists in the background of our reality. It’s often not until we stand back and reflect that we can see Neptune’s influence at work.

Neptune has been in retrograde motion since June of this year. While it was seemingly in backward motion, we were invited to explore our relationship with spirituality, healing, imagination, and intuition. The veil of illusion that Neptune is known for was lifted, allowing us to peer into the intangible with greater clarity, whether that related to our understanding of cosmology and the meaning of life itself or into our inner worlds, our subconscious, our unseen patterns that are on auto pilot, and our sense of spirit or soul.

That veil was lifted so that we could come into greater clarity around our sense of purpose and our perception of truth and get insight into the energetic realms and how it works in tandem with our physical reality. This was an opportunity to witness ourselves and inner workings with greater clarity, too, before the illusion returns with Neptune going direct.

As Neptune stations direct and begins to move forward once again, this veil returns but with the invitation of working with it in a new way.

Your invitation

Within astrology, every planet, sign of the zodiac, or archetype holds both higher and lower octaves. Neptune’s higher octaves are that of love, oneness, creativity, and compassion. It is the flow we find ourselves in while making art, intuitively moving our bodies, imagining beautiful possibilities, or seeing divinity in a child’s face.

This retrograde has been a period to realign and refocus, to fine-tune our dreams and path of purpose, and to see ourselves with greater clarity so that we know how to connect with, support, and heal ourselves. As you emerge from this time, ask yourself to reflect on the last six months.

How has your perception of yourself shifted? What inner patterns have you witnessed and acknowledged? How has this helpd you become more yourself?

How has your connection with spirituality shifted? What have you seen, felt, or perceived that altered your understanding of the workings of the Universe?

How has your sense of purpose shifted? What dreams have presented themselves to you? What path has begun to call your name?

We are invited to connect with this greater knowing that has been placed in front of us and become one with it, create with it, and let it become us and, in turn, let us become it. This is a time to immerse ourselves in dreaming, imagination, art, creativity, and spirituality. It is an opportunity to live, breathe, and become so intertwined with our greatest dreams that they cannot help but become real, that what we desire has no option but to trickle down into our physical reality.

Neptune acts as a bridge, a doorway, connecting the physical and energetic world. We can work with this doorway through flow, imagination, and oneness, so that we can bring possibilities into reality.

“To work with magic is to weave the unseen forces into form; to soar beyond sight; to explore the uncharted dream realm of the hidden reality.” —Starhawk

Jordane Maree

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