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October Full Moon in Aries: Taking a Courageous Leap

The October Full Moon in Aries Asks Us to Take a Courageous Leap

On October 9, the Moon will be ripe in the pioneering and brave hearted sign of Aries. When the Moon is in Aries, we’re fueled to initiate and do something new, fresh and exciting. All of that momentum now surrounds us. This is especially the case because a lot of forward momentum is now coming front and center.

Mercury is now direct and Pluto will be waking up from his 5 month retrograde slumber. Pluto’s inertia alone signals that the time has finally come for forward momentum. That being said, it’ll be important to manage expectations of progress and be in tune with power struggles.

Aries – Libra Balancing Act

We can’t forget about the Sun in Libra in this story. While the Moon will want to have things go her way, the Sun will have his own opinions. The Libra side to things will be strong but peaceful advocating for justice. Venus, also operating in Libra, will be quite close to the Sun. Aries will be thinking about how this affects ME, where as Libra will be thinking about the WE.

Chiron Comes on Strong Once Again

The wounded healer, Chiron, is another major player in October’s Full Moon story. He is going to be dancing very close to the Moon. Wounds and hurts of the past may need to come to the surface. It may be uncomfortable and take courage—- but a hurt or grievance needs to be addressed.

As you embark upon your release with this month’s Full Moon make sure to take a good look at your scales. Be courageous and brave as you make important choices to balance them out a bit better. Make a decision to take action and make sure to consider yourself, as well as others in the decision you need to make.

Life is about choices after all. And an important choice now needs to be made.

Full Moon Art by Jen’s Fine Art

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