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On December 21, 2022 Solstice

A wonderfully optimistic Solstice blesses us on December 21 – this is a big moment of the year.

One day before the solstice, Jupiter moves into Aries, giving us a real sense that we can trust ourselves and our future.

Two powerful “Aries Points” are activated at once indicating a definite new era is beginning…

It is followed two days later by the Capricorn New Moon, emphasizing the new beginnings and new season to the max.

Even more amazing is Jupiter’s placement at 00° Aries at the time of the solstice.

It is a time of Miracles, Birth and being born anew.

There’s nothing like starting a new life.

In every breath that we take going forward, it really is brand new if you allow it to be.

More importantly, if you KNOW it to be.

Take time to let all that separation go and take the opportunity to let bygones with your family be bygones.

Cherish the amount of time that you have left together.

Let this holiday season be more than a holiday – bring to everything and everyone the truth of all that you are.

That you and everyone are Beings of Eternal Light.

This year’s Solstice carries empowering messages about living an ascended life.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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