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On November 23rd, 2022 – Jupiter Goes Direct

Jupiter goes direct at 28° Pisces after being retrograde since July. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, so its moves will always be felt! As Jupiter has been traveling retrograde, it has made its way from Aries back into Pisces. This is the last time Jupiter will spend time in Pisces for the next 12 years. Ancient astrologers said that when Jupiter was in your sign, you were given an extra dose of good luck. So, if you are a Pisces Sun, Moon, or Rising, be sure to soak up those extra good vibrations! As Jupiter wraps up its journey in Pisces, we may begin to feel the culmination of any lessons. Jupiter in Pisces can help to expand our creativity and our connection to Spirit. This would be a great way to honor any expansion or growth when it comes to your spiritual connection and your creativity.


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