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On The Energies…

We are working on activating our light body. Our light body is out true body, our spiritual body. It’s how you travel between dimensions. It’s your true form within, and in the astral and the afterlife. Our light body is a reflection of our spiritual health. Within these energies we are clearing layers of density from within the physical body. As we move through the ascension process we become lighter and shift more into the light body. That’s why we are doing so much clearing work. We are feeling a need to detox spiritually. Your bodies are reacting to these incoming ascension energies. Everyone is different. However, we are all here to work on our souls ascension. Things are coming to the surface. For some that may even mean physical ascension symptoms. On whatever level everyone is feeling it, and processing it differently. We are also experiencing DNA activations right now. Your DNA contains the encoded holographic record of every experience you have ever had. That’s why there is such a need to do the deeper repair and activation work with our DNA. There is much that has already occurred collectively to disconnect us spiritually. These energies are helping us to reconnect. Your DNA also holds new templates needed for your ascension. That’s why so many are experiencing a spiritual awakening within these energies. Old narratives or triggers may be coming up all at once for many. This is not to keep holding on to them, anything that is still underneath needs healed and cleared right now. Your clearing old realities and deep rooted traumas that have been moving down your family line for a long time. You may be realizing these old stories were never yours. Every single karmic experience you have gone through is being cleared. You may see people falling away, or you may be suddenly processing old stuff. Your also clearing any layer of shadow in how your seeing yourself. This is meant to help you in seeing your full Divinity. Your guidance is coming through extra loud right now. The Universe is trying to get your attention. Pay attention to the signs, they are guiding you. This is a journey back to Source, your being guided back home. Always remember that your being spiritually guided. Make sure your reading the messages and signs coming through to you. Make sure your going within for what to do next.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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