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On The Energies…

Back on January 18th Uranus shifted out of it’s retrograde. Uranus was retrograde for 5 months, that’s about 155 days. Things are moving forward now. We can expect the next few months to shake up and bring major changes into your life. Uranus stays in the same sign for seven years. It’s in Taurus until 2026. It’s a liberator. It’s going to set free whatever area it’s in. That means we are going to see major changes in our love life. We are in the process of doing some long term work in this area. This month, and the start of it has very much taken us into the unknown. Big changes tend to make us a little uncomfortable. Uranus is a Planet that brings unexpected events and surprises. Uranus rules Kundalini too. That also means that the energy is really flowing this month. We are feeling things on a deeper level. The focus through this month is relationships. Know things are aligning in perfect divine timing. We have a major astrological event adding to our Valentines Day. This month started a two month conjunction between Mars and Venus. These are the Cosmic Lovers and they are both making moves together, in Capricorn, over the next month. When they approach each other sparks tend to fly in this dimension. This transit is meant to bring our desires into reality. These two planets coming together are bringing powerful activations for our love life. The Universe is trying to get your attention in every way. Love is literally being written in the stars above us. On the 16th we have a Full Moon in Leo. That means this next Full Moon is set to bring some major energies and some major sparks. It’s all about shifting towards what/ who you love. We are releasing old heart chakra blocks. This Leo Full Moon is so important as it’s activating the Lunar Nodes of Fate. That means these energies are sparking too life destined events that are meant to unfold in your life. Expect things much bigger then yourself to play out around you this month. Know it is all for you. Your destiny is being activated. That means more of your Divine Plan is coming to life. Pay attention if things are coming or going.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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