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On The Energies…

We are shifting into Pisces Season. Pisces Season brings us some of the most psychic and spiritual energies of the year. Expect to be feeling things a lot more. This will help you move through some of the healing and clearing work that lies ahead of you over the next month. These energies will help better connect you with your inner voice and intuition. Pay attention to the signs around you right now. Your always being nudged forward in the right direction. Pisces Season is bringing some powerful manifesting energies. You’ll notice your daydreaming and dreaming a little more. That’s because we are tapping in more. These energies are all about what we are feeling and thinking about. We have all had manifestations that didn’t go good in the past. Now is not the time to be feeling bad about it. It’s a chance to align with what you do want. Your manifesting whatever it is that your focused on now. It’s important that your keeping your thoughts positive. This is a chance to bring Heaven to Earth, by turning your dreams into a reality. This weekend the 2:22:2022 Portal will begin to peak. We will start to feel these energies strongly Saturday. The number 222 is all about new beginnings. It’s also a sign of the changes that are coming. The number 222 is a powerful message from the spiritual realm. We are doing this together. Your being guided and assisted on such a large level. Your being guided to shift more into energy healing. This is how you will heal and clear the patterns of the past. Your also being guided to learn how to work with the energies more. This will give you a chance to help those around you more. Though helping others is how you really will shine. The next month will bring a massive clearing. Some connections may need to go, or may dissolve on there own. This is a powerful Portal for Twin Flames as well. If you know, or sense, that your a Twin Flame this is powerful. Twin Flame Unions are Divinely Guided. These are destined or fated encounters. These energies may be activating that inner knowing for you now. The number 222 represents a state of perfect balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. These energies may be moving you closer to these type of encounters, or a union or reunion. Expect heart chakra activations through next week. You may be seeing the numbers 2:22, or 222 right now. We are also still feeling the power of last night’s Full Moon. We can still tap into these energies over the next couple of days. You may be drawing a lot of energy of power in right now. It’s a great time to recharge in, or to soak up the energies.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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