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Happy 2:22:2022 Portal! Today is one of the most auspicious days of the year. The 222222 Portal is a powerful Spiritual Gateway. The Cosmic Energies coming into the planet are waking up the collective. Humanity is becoming aware of a new potential. Tapping into we are worth so much more. You see repeating numbers when the Universe is sending you a message. Repeating 2’s a sign of unity, and coming together, to work together. You may be seeing an increase in Angel Numbers. These are messages being sent through to guide you along your path. It’s the Universe trying to get your attention. When you see an Angel Number coming through pay attention to what you were thinking about, or talking about. It’s a sign your in alignment with whatever you're doing. Where are you at that moment? What were you focusing on? Whatever it is, it’s your path. The signs are meant to guide us. They can make the direction more clear for us. These energies are helping us in raising the vibrational frequency of the entire Planet. The energy is really amping up. You should be feeling things shifting. You're getting so much lighter. You're finding the right frequencies. Many of you are having more dreams come through. Pay attention if you're dreaming of people you know. These are also messages meant to guide you. You're having higher encounters in the Spiritual Realms. You're connecting with your aspects within these realms more and more. The guidance coming through from your Higher Self should be getting more and more clear. You're noticing an increase in telepathy. Things are coming online like never before. The more you clear your energy, the more you open up your spiritual connection. Many have some major shadow/healing work coming up. You're purging out the blocks within your system, or anything no longer in alignment. Your ready to be making some bigger shifts in your life. These energies have the potential to shift us into higher states of consciousness. This is a powerful Manifestation Portal. You have the potential to shift into way higher timelines. This is the time to get clear about what you're trying to manifest. Write it down. Visualize it daily. After you get clear about what you want, take steps to make it happen. You need to get a plan, and to go after what you want. Meditate on what you want, visualize it as already done. We also have the Sun and Jupiter traveling through Pisces. This is adding to you're manifesting potential. Today is a day for setting your intentions and manifesting your desires. Visualize the outcomes that you desire. The light codes pouring in are specifically encoded for creating the New Earth. It’s a great day for doing healing work. We can really tap in to reach a deeper alignment. These are Galactic Energies that we can use for doing activations and DNA work.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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