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On The Energies…

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

The frequencies and the energies are going to go really high this month because of the Equinox. The rest of Pisces Season is all about manifesting and tapping into the spiritual. We are instant manifesting what we are thinking about right now. It’s so important that we are becoming more aware of the power of our thoughts and our intentions. The next few weeks are so powerful for manifesting the rest of the year. We should be really working on ourselves this month. Your going through so much growth that each day your becoming a new person. More self care will help you with this integration. Things happening around us are making it more and more clear that this Planet is reaching a tipping point. That is why you chose to be here during this time. To help in some way. We are here to bring our light to a Planet that so needs it. That’s why your so needed to spark more of your inner light. The collective energies may be feeling a little heavy right now still. There are a lot of feelings, and emotions coming to the surface from underneath. We are being made aware of any of our own inner blocks right now. They are being brought out in the light for healing. It’s a great time to be doing extra clearing work energetically. During Pisces Season the veil between the Earth and the Spiritual is super thin, and getting thinner as we start to move towards the Equinox. Our connection to the other side is so strong right now. You may be tapping into your past lives or the afterlife. It’s important that we are surrendering to the flow of the Universe right now. Know your being guided in a serendipitous way. You should be seeing signs and messages that are coming through just for you. You may be having a hard time sensing or seeing reality clearly during this time. If your feeling spacey or ungrounded it’s a good time to ground and to connect with the Earth. We have a lot of Jupiter energy hitting us right now. Tomorrow Jupiter aligns with the energies of the Sun unlocking new doorways and new opportunities for us. These energies are meant to be helping us to better connect with the spiritual on every level. We are meant to be anchoring these energies into the physical, through our manifestations. Pisces Season is less about material manifestations and more about any spiritual manifestations. The energies this month may be opening up your psychic senses more, or may be making you more psychically sensitive. March gives us a chance to shift to better/ higher timelines. The Equinox is a powerful Stargate that we should be preparing for energetically.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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