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On The Energies…

We are still feeling some Eclipse Aftershock vibes. This month we have some major moves and energies being made. The Sun and the Moon are super charged right now. It’s a great time to connect with the energies of either. We are going to be feeling those energies merging more and more as we move towards the Solstice. We have some swirling debris headed at us from the Sun from an explosion that occurred last night. Many of you have been feeling or noticing the energies. We have had 9 flares so far today, and 11 yesterday. Tonight also kicks off the start of a powerful planetary alignment. Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter are all lined up. Tonight the Moon joins them weaving its magic into the alignment. The Crescent Moon will highlight a different Planet each night, bringing through an activation for each. These energies will be assisting with the deeper shifts that are occurring, and that need to occur in these areas. Each night will be bringing through a deep healing. Dec 6th the Moon will be near/ activating Venus. These energies are going to help shift your love life and finances. It’s meant to bring balance to your relationships. Family stuff and past relationship stuff may be coming up for clearing. More awareness of the root cause of many blocks and deeper wounds affecting relationships. An upgrade for your love templates. Dec 7th the Moon will be near/ activating Saturn. These energies are going to help you push past old limits. They will help release/ purge out any past karma/ karmic connections. Only love will make it through this process. All about what your doing for work. Is it serving or good for the collective. An upgrade for your work templates. Dec 8th the Moon will be near/ activating Jupiter. These energies are going to shift your luck. Great for areas of business. Many of you are being encouraged to start new projects or even new 5D businesses during this time. Some of you may be guided to travel. Expect this energy to activate some major abundance for you. An upgrade for your abundance codes. On Dec 9th and 10th the Moon and Planets will come together in a dramatic alignment. The Universe has been trying to get your attention. The heavens are aligning to bring through your hearts true desires. Pay attention to the messages and signs happening all around you. Sagittarius Season is trying to take you higher. This week also brings us the energies of the 12:12 Portal. Things will begin to peak Thursday. The 12:12 Portal is a powerful Ascension Gateway. It will help open things up for the Solstice. From 12/12 to 12/21 we will be in a powerful space.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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