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This Libra Season is all about finding balance and harmony in your life. It’s all about what your putting your time into. It’s all about really tapping into what your soul may need during this time. Each experience is different in what you may be needing. You should have a deep knowing of what is happening with you in your life. We are clearing and healing a lot of things on a soul level. This Libra Season is all about your relationships, and connections. Libra can be though of as a social butterfly. Your being guided to really take care of those around you. Many have a lot of family healing coming up. These energies are meant to be bringing a healing to your love life. Your entering a new chapter. It’s the beginning of a New Season! You should be working on your energy and becoming magnetic to your manifestations. The energies are super strong right now. Make sure your taking time to visualize your future. It’s all about putting it out there, and inviting the magic into your life. It’s all about tapping into your life plan right now. You should have been shown what comes next. Pay attention to your dreams right now. They will help guide you. The energies only ever help guide us through the work we need to do ourselves. You’ll be seeing major rewards for the work you are putting in right now. It’s a good time to stay focused on your work and if your in a relationship, your relationship.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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