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We are still passing through, and being dusted with debris from Halley’s Comet until Nov 7th. It’s also the Taurids Meteor Shower. This is a Pleiadian Meteor Shower that peaks Nov 5th. We can expect tons of shooting stars and even Halloween fireballs this year. Look at it as fireworks kicking off from the Pleiadies. We are also moving through the in between point of two eclipses. Samhain/ Halloween is also in the middle of this Eclipse Gateway. These are powerful energies, however a little unstable. This all depends on you right now. What are you manifesting? Where would you like to end up with things? It’s so important that you are using this energy. You need to be moving it into your life. And my is there some energy waves coming in. Expect this weekend to be intense as we are very much in that Samhain Gateway. Things may be feeling extra dreamy, or like you’re also in the astral awake now. You may need extra rest in this space. You may be feeling a need to cocoon. You may be extra sensitive to anything going on or coming up, that needs cleared or healed. The next week is all about what’s coming through past the veil. Some of you may be seeing so much right now!! Pay attention to the magic, signs, and what you’re being shown. These energies open up and create a gateway or passage between worlds. We are closest to the other side of any other time of the year. The strings of fate and destiny are at play right now. The Universe may be continually trying to bring you together with your Twin Flame. You’ll begin to better understand the different connections around you. You’re being made aware of any fated connections that may be in, or coming into your awareness. A deep soul desire for Love. An increase in your awareness. Your tuning in more. Getting a sense of deja vu. Knowing you have seen it before. A sense of familiarity. Knowing you have seen it all in your dreams, yet you can’t quite remember the message. Physical upgrades. People aren’t doing enough work. There is no way to skip this process. The traumas need to be cleared on a deeper level from the physical body. Your body will be feeling this on so many levels. It’s your biggest guide through this process. Really tune into it. Lots of physical aches, pains, headaches, feeling tired, sleep issues, heart issues, weight gain, and stomach issues going around the collective. Ascension symptoms or illness of any kind are not normal and are a sign that you need to do some energy work, or clearing work. If you’re an empath you may need to be doing extra energy work.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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