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Tonight we have our Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse. This is also a Blood Moon. These energies are all about closing out old cycles, completion, and healing the past. There is a purge and release occurring of the things that have been holding you back. We are moving through layers of healing coming up within the energies. This eclipse takes place on a Taurus/ Scorpio axis. This line is one of life and death. The veil is still pulled back right now. The other side is wide open. If your connecting with your loved ones in Spirit, they will be connecting back with you. We have a theme of cutting cords with, and breaking free from the past. We must clear all karma. There is no way around it. That means as the energies are rising for some their karma is not only coming up for healing, but imploding. We all took on an extra heavy karmic load this life. We have so much to move through right now. You will know what’s karma in your life, at this point, because it will feel awful. Major clearing coming up of anything that needs to go. Your emotions may be rising. If you’re having anxieties about a situation, make sure you’re listening. This is an indication that your body is no longer in resonance with the old, or that you have outgrown a situation. Taurus is an Earth sign, but also a deep feeler. Pay attention to how you feel about people, and certain situations right now. Some connections are not based in love, but in attachment, and need to go. You’ll know by how things are feeling. This Eclipse is a major Portal for release. We are clearing some major collective darkness right now too! These are great energies for clearing your energy, or to be doing some spiritual cleansing. These energies are all about self care, and ways you may need to pull back to take better care of yourself. Friday is the 11:11 Portal, which is already open and we are already beginning to move through it. Nov 11th Venus will also be transitioning Scorpio. This is bringing some powerful energies into your love life. November is huge for any Twin Flames and removing any obstacles in, or to Union. These energies are also bringing a fated undertone with it. Certain people are fated to meet. However you only will ever have one fated partner. This is an infinite love. There are so much playing out behind the scenes for you right now. Expect Destiny to be suddenly shifting in your favor.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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