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We have several important stars ascending in the sky right now. On Midnight of New Years Eve Sirius will be the brightest star in the sky. It will be at its highest too. Sirius is the bottom star of the Winter Triangle. We have Orion to Sirius’s upper right, and Procyon to Sirius’s upper left. Huge influxes of energy are pouring into the Planet. We are receiving so much Galactic energies right now. Jan 3rd is the peak of the Quadrantids Meteor Shower. This is considered one of the best Annual Meteor Showers. The Quadrantids Meteor Shower will be aligning with the Jan 6th is the Cancer Full Moon. This Moon will shine between the hearts of the Gemini twins. This Moon will also form its own triangle with Castor and Pollux, Gemini’s main stars. The Moon will be doing a major dance with the stars of Gemini. It will be bringing some major Twin Flame Energies and Activations. Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon. This will also be the first Full Moon of 2023. It will help with with tuning into your own guidance and intuition more. The Sun and Moon will positively aspect Uranus. Uranus is the Planet of rebellion and change. That means these energies may be shaking things up collectively as we enter into 2023. Expect heightened feelings. You may be no longer feeling the old. This will be a huge point of awakening and release for many. We also have Mars still Retrograde until Jan 12th and Mercury still Retrograde until Jan 18th. That means things may be moving slow up until this point.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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