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Last night a stream of solar wind hit Earth. It sparked a strong G2 Geomagnetic Storm. This Space Storm has sparked off some of the strongest winds we have seen, yet, in this solar cycle. We are still very much in that stream of energy too. These are highly charged Energies, and things are amping up energetically. Last night Sunspot AR2929 erupted. It kicked off a solar flare. This flare alone caused radio blackouts and some big changes to the frequencies. That explosion also hurled a CME into space. We are feeling some of that cloud now. These energies are merging with the energies of the Moon. Over the next 24 hours we are still very much in the energies of this past Monday’s Full Moon. These energies are actually the most important of the entire year right now. We are building our foundation for what is to come. Our thoughts and intentions are being super magnified right now. This is an amazing space to make some plans for the year. Some of you are feeling and tapping into these energies and the momentum behind them. Tomorrow kicks off Aquarius Season, so we have things shifting around. This should bring a chilled out vibe. It’s a time to think bigger, or to think outside the box. Aquarius Season will be encouraging you to step outside of your normal routine or paradigm. If your someone who is very by a schedule, it’s time to do something different. Aquarius is ruled by air. This Aquarius Season will give us a chance to feel and even to work with the energies more. It’s a great time to be tapping into your soul wisdom or to be sharing it with others. You may be inspired to come together, or to work together during this time. Aquarius Season is a great time for group projects.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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