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On The Energies…

From Now until May 28th we continue to move through a stretch of Galactic Activation Portal Days. Expect the Ascension Upgrades to continue. June 3rd kicks off 20 Center Days in a row. Center Days are the 20 days in the middle of the Harmonic Module and Tzolkin cycle. They are 20 Core Days in a row. The 20 Core Days are the spinal column of the Mayan calendar, or Tzolkien man. They are the umbilical cord to the energetic center of our Galaxy. During these Center Days we will move through a period of energetic attunment. You will feel much more in the now, or in the present of where your life has brought you. It’s a time to go within, to rest, and to really take care of yourself and your energy. It’s a time to pause and realign within the energies. During the Center Days we can tap into the past, present, and future more easily. During these 20 Center Days this is where the past and the future meet each other. Those 20 Center Days are very much a gap between worlds. It’s a great time for healing, tapping in for clarity about the future, and balance. If you don’t know where you’re headed in life this is the best space to figure it out from. June 4th is our Sagittarius Full Moon. Time to embrace the unknown. Life is trying to take you on an adventure. Are you hearing the call? Stay focused on what lights your fire right now. June also brings us the Summer Solstice. Let’s just say a lot is going on energetically.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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