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Restructuring the World ~ Saturn in Pisces March 07 2023

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, 2023 and will remain there until February 14, 2026. Interestingly, the archetypes of Saturn and Pisces are vastly paradoxical. Saturn is largely rigid and demands a solid structure, whereas Pisces is an ethereal archetype that represents the spiritual consciousness of having no boundaries. The very concept of reality may become slippery as we do our best to grasp Saturn’s lessons of compassion and healing in the complex ocean of Pisces. Clarity may elude us, making it necessary for us to get comfortable with not having all the answers.

While Saturn was in Aquarius from 2020-2023, we experienced numerous global challenges and various forms of societal limitations. In Aquarius, Saturn was in the element of fixed air, which largely manifested as boisterous opinions and inflexible beliefs. However, in Pisces, Saturn transitions into mutable water, shifting the focus away from the mind and toward our innate emotional sensitivity that is always responding to the ever-changing tides of life. If dissociation was a prime coping mechanism in Aquarius, then Saturn in Pisces is likely to force us to face the consequences of that reality. It is now that we may become acutely aware of the emotional and spiritual healing necessitated by the trauma we have endured.

In astrology Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. This means that Saturn will be working to serve the goals and functions of these two ruling planets while in Pisces. For example, Jupiter pushes us to have faith and grow outside of our comfort zone, while Neptune links us to vulnerability and creativity. We can confidently expect to be challenged to evolve and build stronger foundations in these areas that are practical and rooted in physical reality rather than sourcing our spirituality from overly cerebral concepts or deceptive gurus.

On April 14, shortly after entering Pisces, Saturn will sextile the North Node in Taurus. This aspect may offer a glimpse of what kind of growth is possible for the future when we are willing to see the truth of a situation. This aspect may provide creative solutions that help us break through challenges toward a new grounded vision for the future, should we be prepared to meet reality with no goal of escaping it.

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