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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces ~ June 17, 2023

Dissolution and Purification

OPPORTUNITIES Reality checks Learning lessons

CHALLENGES Tackling Addictions Avoiding Restructure

For the first time since Saturn entered Pisces earlier in the year, this tough-love planet of karma will be going retrograde. From June 17th until November 4th, Saturn’s backward dance invites a golden opportunity to integrate the lessons we’ve been grappling with since around March this year. When planets go retrograde, their energy is both emphasized and dulled, highlighting the importance of tuning in to our hearts and souls to explore what may be arising, both collectively and personally. Saturn and Pisces are an unlikely match. Saturn, after all, rules all things structured and is the epitome of boundaries. This planet takes some of his symbolism from the fact that he’s the last cosmic body that we can see with the naked eye. Thus, he rules the final, tangible frontier between Earth and whatever lies beyond our reality. This, and his association with mythological Kronos, the Lord of Time, indicates that Saturn is an Archetype that is nowhere close to the symbolism of free-floating, unstructured, boundary-less, timeless Pisces. Pisces is also somewhat associated with that final frontier - yet, this sign is more about the mystery that lies beyond the veil rather than Saturn’s symbolic representation of the physical border between life and death. So how can these two get along, and what may we expect whilst Saturn dances back a few steps? Moving from 7 degrees of this mutable water sign all the way to the sensitive degree of 0, this period is likely to reveal all the ways in which we’ve sidestepped responsibility, avoided structure, escaped into destructive habits or Self-annihilated. The first stage of Saturn’s move into any new sign is always the toughest, as it’s somewhat of a reality check when it comes to the topics of that sign. Yet, as we learn to ride the waves of Pisces – to surf really - Saturn promises an easier road ahead. Pisces can also be true mysticism, deep spirituality, and connection to Source. This is what we need to be aiming for. For now, we may simply feel a little stuck, or even resentful as we come face to face with our addictions and escape mechanisms, our chronic evasion of duty. Study carefully in your world where these tendencies may be arising. Is it at work? Health? Finances? Relationships? Rise to the challenge instead of shrinking away. Accept the overwhelm. Dig deep. Our journey lies in discovering, through the medium of music, art, prayer, meditation or travelling, the Guru within. Those of us with mutable signs between 7 and 0 degrees – Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini –will be challenged to embrace responsibility and adjust to external changes and changing situations. We may be asked to endure certain tests, and to maintain faith – a Pisces word – that this is all in service of our highest growth and soul’s individual journey. People with Pisces Rising, Moon or their Sun at these degrees are experiencing a powerful karmic cycle in which they’re stepping into a place of authority and responsibility, perhaps for the first time ever. There’s something deeply rewarding about this process. Progress is slower during retrograde, but once we get past the frustration, we can see that this is, in fact, a gift of grace straight from Source. The gift of pause. Of reflection. Of assimilation. As Saturn comes back to that sensitive 0 degree, we need to reflect on how we can tackle the issues of faith, belief, spirituality, addiction, escapism and most of all, boundaries – with maturity and wisdom.

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