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Saturn Station Direct in Aquarius Oct 22: Moving Ahead

Saturn Stations Direct on October 22 Pushing All Things Forward

We’ve come to a special moment in time when we can actually measure how far we’ve come on our quest. Saturn, the planet of hard work & patience, now moves direct in Aquarius (the sign he’s been travelling through since the pandemic began in March 2020). This important shift will be another catalyst helping us push ahead into where we need to go—-for better or for worse!

Take a look back into what was happening to you since the beginning of June (June 4) and make a note as to how much progress you’ve made since then. That marks the point when Saturn began his retrograde. Despite the hardship that Saturn often brings to the table, he does have a way of helping us get back in touch with our hearts true desire. His process can be rough (as some of of have discovered in the past several months) but ultimately his message is the one that helps us get back on track. Saturn will now move quickly through the final degrees of Aquarius, changing over into Pisces in March 2023.

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