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Sun in Aries: Bold, Exciting, Spontaneous Mar 20, 2022 – Apr 19, 2022

Sun enters Aries at 8:33am PDT/ 9:33am MDT/ 10:33am CDT/ 11:33am EDT

When the Sun moves into Aries, we come back to life with a surge of excitement and motivation!

This transit initiates the spring season and a brand-new astrological year, so it’s a grand time for new beginnings. We don’t have to know where we’ll wind up, nor will we have all our strategies in place yet -- the Sun in Aries is about putting things in motion, knowing we can improvise from there.

The Aries Sun encourages us to let go of the past and the future in order to live fully in the present moment. Aries is not here to make us comfortable. It is here to spark the imagination, put a burr in the saddle, and help us start anew. It’s Aries’ pioneering energy that propels us forward, breaking old habits and patterns so we can discover new worlds.

When the Sun is in Aries

There’s never a dull moment when the Sun enters active and exciting Aries! Here’s how you can make the most of this transit: is in such a hurry to get ahead that they don’t always think about what they are doing or saying. Spontaneity is great, but if you rush too quickly you could hurt yourself or others -- both mentally and physically. Take a moment to look where you’re going and think before you speak while the Sun is in Aries.

Whatever happens while the Sun is in Aries, you’re likely to be seeking out things that are new and fun and bold and different. It’s time to shake off your same-old dull routine and seize life with the renewed energy of the bold, bright Aries Sun!


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