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The Astrology Of June 2023 – Jupiter Conjunct North Node

Welcome to June! Can you believe we’re almost mid-year?

In June 2023 we have the opportunity to mend some of the ‘damage’ of the tense, fixed Grand Cross we had in the last week of May.

We have 2 key aspects in June: Jupiter is conjunct North Node, and Jupiter is also sextile Saturn. These are 2 amazingly supportive aspects that could lead us onto a path of growth and discovery.

With Jupiter conjunct the North Node of purpose, there’s a strong pull to walk the path of our purpose. The North Node will draw us in, pulling us into the unknown. We want to experience something deeper, something more meaningful.

Just like Coelho’s Alchemist, we feel the call to adventure.

What about Jupiter sextile Saturn? The sextile is a supportive aspect – but unlike the trine, which brings things effortlessly (sometimes so effortlessly, that we don’t even notice them and we miss the boat), the sextile is the opportunities we consciously create.

With Jupiter conjunct North Node and sextile Saturn, opportunities will abound – but it’s up to us to say YES to the call.

Let’s take a look at the most important transits of the month:

June 1st, 2023 – Jupiter Conjunct North Node In Taurus

On June 1st, 2023 Jupiter is conjunct the North Node at 3° Taurus, opening new doors of opportunities for us. This is a unique chance to embark on a new journey!

Jupiter and the North Node have quite a bit in common. They are both growth-oriented, forward looking energies. Jupiter wants to find a higher meaning, and the North Node is our actual purpose in life. When Jupiter and North Node meet, opportunity meets readiness.

Jupiter and the North Node meet in a conjunction once every 12 years, but not in the same sign. So most of us get to experience 1, or maxim 2 Jupiter conjunct North Node transits in the same sign in a lifetime.

This time, Jupiter and North Node will highlight the Taurus sector of your life, bringing a unique set of opportunities, not to be missed.

June 4th, 2023 – Full Moon In Sagittarius

On June 4th, 2023, we have a Full Moon at 13° Sagittarius. The Full Moon is trine Mars in Leo and square Saturn in Pisces.

What happens when we have both a tense (square) and a harmonious (trine) aspect? Do these aspects annul each other?

Aspects never annul each other – they build on each other. So when we have both a tense and a harmonious aspect, the tense aspect is the “trigger”, and the harmonious aspect is the “ally”.

In this case, our trigger is Full Moon square Saturn. Something Saturnian (e.g. our application is delayed, the washing machine breaks down, we have a conflict with a family member) brings something to our conscious attention.

Once we know what the problem is (Saturn square) we then take our ally (Mars in Leo) by hand to help us solve the problem. The Mars trine suggests that the best approach at the Full Moon is to take bold (Leo) action (Mars).

At the Full Moon in Sagittarius, we want to stand our ground and take action despite frustration, delays and hindrances. What exactly requires your attention depends on the houses in your natal chart that this lunation casts a light on.

June 5th, 2023 – Venus Enters Leo

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have ALL your attention? Lights, camera, action, drums… applause… On June 5th, 2023 Venus enters Leo!!!

This Venus in Leo transit is even more important than your regular Venus in Leo transit because Venus will go retrograde in the sign in late July.

This means we will have a record of 4 months of Venus in Leo this year. If you didn’t know what Venus in Leo is all about, you will definitely find it out in the following months.

The unhealthy expression of Venus in Leo is hubris and a flair for drama. The positive expression of Venus in Leo is emotional honesty. Your feelings, wants and desires are as important as anyone else’s.

June 11th, 2023 – Pluto Re-Enters Capricorn

On June 11th, 2023, Pluto re-enters Capricorn.

In the last few months, we all got a taste of Pluto in Aquarius. But big shifts like Pluto changing signs take a long time, so there’s always some back and forth movement to integrate the change.

Pluto will spend 7 months in Capricorn (will re-enter Aquarius in January 2024). The following months are a good time to reflect on the “Pluto in Capricorn” chapter of our life, tie loose ends and reflect on what we want to do differently in the next 20 years of our lives.

June 11th, 2023 – Mercury Enters Gemini

On June 11th, 2023, Mercury enters Gemini. Mercury has spent a very long time in Taurus! We are now all ready for something new, and something new we get: Mercury in Gemini is playful, lighthearted, and loves to crack some jokes.

Gemini is Mercury’s home sign – this means Mercury in Gemini is a natural with everything “Mercury”. No matter what your communication style is, when Mercury is in Gemini your communication becomes more articulate, eloquent, and clear.

Mercury in Gemini is a great transit for connecting with others, doing research, writing, or exchanging ideas.

June 17th, 2023 – Saturn Goes Retrograde

On June 17th, 2023, Saturn goes retrograde at 7° Pisces. This is the first time Saturn retrogrades in the sign of Pisces, so you want to pay attention to what kind of themes transpire around the station.

Planets’ changes of direction are very important: when a planet stations direct or retrograde, it spends an usual amount of time at the same degree of the zodiac, thus drawing our attention to a particular area of our life.

Think of your daily walk in the park. You normally walk at a steady pace every day. One day you stop at a particular spot; perhaps your phone rings, or you wait for your dog.

And because you stopped, you start paying attention to your surroundings. You notice a particular building, or a tree, or someone sitting on a bench – things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

That’s exactly how a planetary station works.

Saturn’s station at 7° Pisces will draw your attention to a particular topic connected to your Pisces natal house, OR, if you also happen to have planets around 7° Pisces (or around 7° in other signs) Saturn’s station will become particularly relevant.

June 18th, 2023 – New Moon In Gemini

On June 18th, 2023, we have a New Moon at 26° Gemini. The New Moon is square Neptune (at 27° Pisces). The New Moon ruler, Mercury is strong in domicile and sextiles Venus in Leo.

This New Moon in Gemini can come with a development that may leave us baffled – something like “How didn’t I see this coming?”.

But every change of circumstances is an opportunity. Something better will come your way IF you leave behind unrealistic expectations, reframe your perspective, and pay attention to the here and now.

June 19th, 2023 – Jupiter Sextile Saturn

On June 19th, 2023, Jupiter (at 7° Taurus) is sextile Saturn (at 7° Pisces). Jupiter sextile Saturn is one of the best transits of the season.

This sextile is especially important since it’s the first aspect of the famous Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started in December 2020 at 0° Aquarius. Back in 2020, an Aquarius seed has been planted.

However, when we have a conjunction, we don’t necessarily see anything concrete happening. A conjunction is like the dark New Moon – things arehappening in the background, but we may not be aware yet of what’s going on.

Now with the sextile, things will come to light. A concrete opportunity will present itself.

June 21st, 2023 – Sun Enters Cancer

On June 21st, 2023, Sun enters Cancer. Happy birthday to all Cancers out there!

When the Sun enters Cancer we have the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

No matter where you live, June 21st is one of the most important days of the year. The Sun is either at the highest point in the sky, or at the lowest. This marks a culmination – a point of “no return”. We either have the longest day, or the longest night of the year.

Things are about to shift. Our priorities may change. On this magical day, tune in and reflect on where you’re at a crossroads in your life. The universe will guide you on the next course of action.

June 26th, 2023 – Mercury Enters Cancer

On June 26th, 2023, Mercury enters Cancer. Towards the end of June, Mercury joins the Sun in the sign of Cancer. Mercury in Cancer brings emotional sensitivity to our communication.

We don’t just spare words right, left and center. What we say means something. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is not only our emotions: it’s our gut instinct. Mercury in Cancer invites us to trust our instinct and rely on emotional intelligence to make decisions.

June 2023 is quite a month!


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