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Uranus and the North Node ~ New Moon in Cancer

During this New Moon in Cancer, Uranus & North Node – are almost conjunct. They will become exact later in July and then be conjunct with Mars on August 1st. Uranus and the North Node are helping you break through something and opening you up on a deeper level. The North Node relates to the collective consciousness and where you and humanity are moving. Uranus is the higher mind of God. There is a sense of awakening and seeing your growth on a new level. You may be feeling the tension building with this conjunction. It’s going to be something that helps you move forward – whether it’s getting out of your own way or something else moving out.

Uranus supports you in taking quantum leaps towards your goals. It is disruptive and breaks apart elements of your life that are not aligned with your highest good. Since it is in Taurus it may be impacting communcation, how you value yourself, stock markets, currency and supply chains. Since Uranus relates to awakening and truth, there may be massive shifts in consciousness within yourself or people around you. This conjunction will push your goals and dreams forward in a positive way. Make sure you stay out of your own way so you stop limiting progress. Things may turn out better than you think.

New Moon Manifesting

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