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Uranus Retrograde


Getting in touch with your body

Freedom in Relationships


Developing an abundance mindset

Overcoming fear of lack

Uranus, the mythological Sky God and ancient ruler of Chaos, is turning on his heels and going into retrograde motion on August 24th at 9.54am EST. The planet of unpredictability will only go direct again on January 22nd. In Taurus, this reflects a five-month period of re-evaluating our values, sense of security and relationships. The fixed signs - namely, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo - will be most affected, especially if any major points or planets (Sun, Moon or Rising) are between 18 and 14 degrees of this sign.

Collectively, we will all be experiencing some kind of upheaval and chaos, especially seeing as the four other transpersonal planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto), will also be retrograde, during September and some of October. Mercury will also be retrograde during some of this time, making it a grand total of six planets retrograde. Phew! This is certainly a cosmic moment to be doing the deep, inner work, to be digging into our souls and coming with the treasures that only retrogrades can bring.

Uranus retrograde will both weaken and emphasize the energy of this planet. The innovative changes that we’ve come to expect in the realm of Taurus – relationships, food, security, finances (think crypto), and agriculture – will be delayed, slowed down, revisited. At the same time, these issues may also become quite a strong focus, particularly during Eclipse Season (October and November), where sudden, unexpected and potentially stressful changes may be at hand.

For us personally, it means reviewing our own values and inviting change, because as hard as it is, it’s here to set us free. Uranus is the great liberator, after all. Relationships may go topsy-turvy, as will our material world. Remaining grounded during this time through time in nature and connection to our own bodies, our somatic system, is encouraged.

The major aspect during the Uranus retrograde is the very close (within half a degree) square of Saturn to Uranus. This is the closing chapter of a story that’s been ongoing since 2020, which highlights the importance of marrying the old and the new, the traditional with the innovative. It’s about breaking free of old structures, whilst still honoring the ones that hold us together personally and as a society.

So, whilst we may not feel as if much is going on externally, we need to trust that plenty is being shifted within. This is exactly what needs to happen if we wish to ensure that the new foundations that we are creating will stand the test of time.


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