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Venus in Aquarius Jan 2, 2023 – Jan 26, 2023

Venus in Aquarius

6:09pm PST/ 7:09pm MST/ 8:09pm CST/ 9:09pm EST

Our first movement in the heavens during the new year will be Venus entering Aquarius on January 2, 2023. Venus is beauty. She is femininity, harmony, and justice. She rules over our partnerships and speaks to our sense of abundance and blessings.

While Venus is in Aquarius, the lens through which she operates will be shaped by the intellectual air sign. In astrology, the air element relates to the exchange of information and thoughts. There is freedom in the movement of words. Venus’s purpose during the next 30 or so days will become primarily about communicating, sharing, interacting, and connecting. We can expect a respite from the overly grounded and structured influence of Capricorn season and increased curiosity around the kinds of conversations we want to experience.

Aquarius also speaks to our long-term visions, wishes, and dreams. This can be a beautiful opportunity to explore what we want from life in an unobstructed way. We might find ourselves inspired by certain people.

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