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“I am willing to forgive and be forgiven.”

Forgiveness. As soon as we hear or read the word, particular situations will come flooding into our heart and mind.

Often we resist forgiveness, because we feel that certain decisions or actions are unacceptable behavior and that if we forgive this, we’re letting it slip by or letting others “get away with it.”

Forgiving doesn’t mean accepting the unacceptable, though, but realizing that holding on to that isn’t serving your healing. It’s about realizing that if you knew then what you know now, of course you would have chosen a different path, but you wouldn’t have known unless what happened had happened.

We live and learn. Forgiveness is about letting go of the story of the past so that you can be free in the present. It’s about letting go of the weight of someone else’s bad choices so that they can’t affect your current happiness.

The Universe wants you to know that forgiveness is an organic process. The path will unfold before you. You just have to be willing to walk it.

DECK: Raise Your Vibration Oracle

ARTIST: Ari Wisner

Kyle Gray

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