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Weekly Navigation Report Week of December 19 - 25, 2022

We’re navigating a significant turning point (tuning fork), a conscious choice-point in the path ahead. Our greatest expansion hinges upon the path we choose, and the highest intention of our next steps. Calibrating the solstice point and the Capricorn New Moon this week, we’re embarking on new ground, inspired by the highest calling of the heart.

The calling of the heart isn’t based on emotional attachments to the status quo, comfort zone familiarity, or temporary pleasures. The highest calling of the heart comes directly from the Soul; an invitation to unify through the divine octave of wholeness and alignment, with purpose and intention. Crystal clear, unmistakable, unapologetic. The path of the heart calls us forth, to a greater version of ourselves than anything we’ve ever known before. That calling connects us to our soul contract, the reason we’re here and why it matters.

When the divine voice of the heart speaks, it’s important to listen and respond. It matters. If we deny, ignore, delay, or check out, we miss the calling and send an alternative message that something else is more important. Ignoring or tuning out is still a choice. Not choosing, or withdrawing from fear, is still a choice. Nothing is more important than honoring the calling of the heart. The heart is the portal of universal connectivity, unification with the soul, the awakened aspect of ourselves that transcends our embodied narratives and default settings. Our Soul consciousness has been present all along, through every step, every twist and turn. When the lights come on, it’s time to listen.

We learn by experience, and most of our earthly experiences have taught us the mechanisms for survival. In order to survive, we learned how to not get hurt - how to escape, detach, or disconnect, including vacating our own heart space and numbing down the subtle channels of divine communion. Our conditioning teaches us to separate from our awakened heart, the messenger of the soul. That messenger speaks in light codes from the highest frequency of Love as the primary language of the universe. We’ve forgotten our native language, and have dialed into other sources of information for the illusion of safety, security, and survival. Now that the higher calling is being initiated and activated, that light language of the heart is amplified. Our choice point, the fulcrum we find ourselves at now, is the cross roads of historic patterning and conditioning or tuning in and responding to a higher calling.

This week delivers us to the New Moon in Capricorn, the divine intention and initiation of a new cycle, ushering us into a new world, and higher ground. The birthing canal of that invitation requires us to elevate, expand, unleash and reveal our divine blueprint and soul contract as our evolutionary embodiment. Nothing held back, no excuses. To fully own our divine Light and be fully responsible for the Light we generate as we walk with purpose, intention, and grace.

When we remember why we chose to be here, the highest intention and purpose of our soul, there’s an activation of alignment and attunement that delivers holistic resonance within our thoughts, words, actions, and embodied presence. The journey ahead in the upcoming year delivers us to that highest version and divine remembrance of ourselves, and the holistic integration - soulular to cellular. We must be willing to let go of any attachments to who we’ve become, up until now, in order to fully discover and unveil who we came here to be. The evolutionary journey of becoming and embodying our divine soul blueprint of Light is both legendary and transformative, on behalf of All.

The week begins on Monday 12/19 with a Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto bridge, Venus Chiron stepping stone, Venus Mars great eliminator, Mars Chiron resource, Venus North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Venus South Node (karmic) resource, and Salacia stations direct. The Black Moon is very busy, reactivating the Grand Power Cross with Pluto, Eris, and Arcturus, and also revealing a potent Finger of God aspect including the Sun and Saturn from today through Wednesday. The great unveiler is getting to the root of our inner seat of power, allowing us to explore the ways in which we give our power away, and the prices we pay for doing so. There’s nothing more important than choosing to be empowered through our experiences, especially the ones that challenge us to reinvent or redesign in the moment. Those life defining moments reveal a deeper current within our awareness of Self. If we check out, disconnect, or fall victim to our situations, we fragment from the parts of ourself that are being strengthened, defined, and developed to mastery. Every wound reveals an invitation for Light, and the opportunity for refined mastery. When we navigate the stepping stones of uncertainty with empowered strength and vulnerability, we can see who we’re becoming by every conscious choice, whether the situations are easy or hard, messy or pretty. Our path of personal development and divine soul remembrance isn’t linear, and oftentimes isn’t comfortable or predictable. It’s an initiation, a journey that calls forth our greatness.

On Tuesday 12/20, Jupiter enters Aries, followed by a Black Moon Arcturus stepping stone, Black Moon Pallas communion, Black Moon Eris stepping stone, Vesta MakeMake great eliminator, Sun Sedna great eliminator, Pallas Eris stepping stone, and Black Moon Neptune manifestation. Today is dynamic as Jupiter re-enters Aries, the sign of Self Realization, conscious discipline, and mental body power. As we make it our business to know ourselves, inside and out, we become responsible for the patterns and beliefs we’ve inherited and fine tuned for personal mastery. The more aware we are, the more responsible we become, the greater our seat of power to unlock and unleash the limitless potential we came to embody. There is nothing off limits, nothing outside of us or beyond us. The belief in infinite possibility calibrates our horizontal lens of vision, the horizon of reality that we live through and navigate. How we relate to the world, including ourselves, is a reflection of that horizontal lens of vision, which is being awakened to expand and elevate through a higher frequency of unity and Love. What comes next - the possibilities we begin to see and realize - are a reflection of the elevation we’re calibrating today.

Wednesday 12/21 starts with a Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, then the Sun enters Capricorn activating the calibration point of the Winter Solstice at 4:48pm ET, followed by a Black Moon Juno manifestation, Sun Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury bridge, and Astraea Orcus bridge. Today is the Solstice point, a calibration of truth through the darkest night in the northern hemisphere, and the brightest day in the southern hemisphere. Regardless of where you are on the planet today, there is an initiation into a new beginning of power through intention and purpose towards a higher calling. Not a higher calling that comes from comparisons or judgments on what we should be doing, or what we’re not doing…but an authentic channel from our divine Soul that reminds us of the agreements we made in this lifetime, and encourages us to awaken and be fully responsible for our time here. The intensity of Capricorn doesn’t override the experience of joy, passion, and embodied illumination…it’s a conscious integration of illuminated purpose that unleashes divine passion, driving and animating our actions from a higher octave, transcending temporary attachments or desires. It’s time to get to work, living our truth and expanding our horizons through the lens of the heart.

On Thursday 12/22, Venus manifests with Orcus and Uranus while forming a resource with Astraea, followed by an Astraea Uranus resource, Mercury Juno resource, Sun Haumea resource, and Sun Ceres stepping stone. Speaking of the lens of the heart, Venus forms a grand earth manifestation today with Orcus and Uranus, calling us forth into an awakened remembrance of why we’re here and why it matters. There are new structures, new contracts, new alignments and arrangements in the grid system of Love, already in place, waiting to be realized. The moment the lights come on, we can’t forget or pretend we don’t see. When the heart speaks, there is new ground already below our feet, within the patterning of our divine light. In exactly 1 month, Venus and Saturn will meet up for a new cycle of divine order, just as Uranus stations direct and Saturn recovers his retrograde shadow. The calibrations that are occurring this week have everything to do with the higher ground we’re manifesting and realizing in the month ahead. Intention matters, before we see proof or evidence of results. When we walk with intention, matched with integrity, we can trust that every step manifests in alignment with the heart, even if we can’t yet see the outcome.

Friday 12/23 begins with the Chiron station, then the New Moon in Capricorn, followed by a Black Moon Venus bridge, and Mars Vesta stepping stone. Chiron has been retrograde since July 19, and the direct station today calibrates another access point of self realization through wholeness and personal mastery. Chiron reveals the core wound within each of us, that offers a journey of healing and wholeness, an epic path towards self discovery and personal mastery. When we whole ourselves, connecting the dots and taking responsibility for every event and situation we’ve ever lived through, we can reclaim our wholeness and the divine sacredness of our soul's evolution. Every piece and every part contains wisdom, light, and grace that can be holistically integrate through our entire system, unifying this incarnation with our greater soul awareness and divine presence. When we appreciate that the soul has been calling us forth into our divine presence all along, we become the awakened masters that we are, embodying our transcendental Self in this 4 body system.

The New Moon in Capricorn occurs at 5:16am ET, conjunct Ixion and Quaoar. In 5D Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn represents Divine Power, and is a gateway to fully accessing our greater I AM Presence. When we align our free will with the power of our soul presence and greater Universal Power, there is nothing beyond us, nothing to fear, and nothing to resist. We are limitless in every way, and in command of the universal gateway of power and presence. When we bring lower vibrational attachments and agendas to the table, we limit our access to that universal power and presence. The universe responds to a higher octave of Divine Presence through Love, on behalf of All. Any time we align our intention and purpose with Divine Will on behalf of All, we align our frequency with the laws of universal oneness.

Capricorn is ruled by (disposed by) Saturn, which represents our relationship with power and authority. There is no greater power than that I AM Presence of Universal Oneness and Divine Love, on behalf of All. When we hold ourselves responsible as that committed presence of Love, we find ourselves in command, living as committed leaders on this planet. When we shrink back, check out, ignore or deny our own power, if we play victim or play small, we collapse into ourselves and experience power struggles. Recognizing the ways in which we misuse our power is important, whether that’s a denial of our Light, or an exaggerated aggression of our attachments and agenda. Both examples bring us out of alignment and out of integrity with our divine nature and soul purpose.

Saturn also represents the life-defining moments that challenge us to step fully into our power, reinventing ourselves by who we’re becoming, above and beyond who we’ve been in the past. Saturn is currently in Aquarius, disposed by Uranus, the Great Awakener. And Uranus is currently in Taurus, disposed by Venus, the heart. This Capricorn New Moon is ushering us across the threshold into a new year, a new cycle, led by the awakened heart, calling us forth to step into our greatness and honor our highest calling and divine purpose. The fact that Venus, Uranus, and Orcus are forming a grand earth manifestation this week is significant, there are new agreements, new contracts, new structures emerging as we awaken through the heart and remember our divine promise. As Venus moves forward this next month, she will commune with Saturn on 1/22 (Uranus’ station), initiating the new contracts and agreements for the next chapter – on behalf of ourselves, each other, and the planet. The year ahead is a journey of the heart, an epic pilgrimage that delivers us to our higher self, our greatest mastery, and the full blown integration of our Soul’s divine purpose grounded through the soles of our feet. There’s a reincarnation, a reinvention and resurrection occurring this year as we’re being born through our higher calling of the heart, revealing the true power and Light of our Soul.

On Saturday 12/24, the Black Moon manifests with Astraea, followed by a Chariklo Salacia resource, a Moon/Uranus/Orcus grand earth manifestation with the Black Moon holding the tail of a kite, then a Black Moon Uranus resource, Black Moon Orcus resource, Sun Ixion new cycle (conjunction), Black Moon Sirius communion (conjunction), Mercury Neptune resource (1st of 3), and Mercury Pallas bridge. Another powerful grand earth manifestation involving the Moon as she swiftly transits, on purpose, illuminating a kite with the Black Moon. The return of power through the divine feminine is illuminated within each and every one of us today. There is an unveiling of power that transcends anything we’ve known before, while also restoring our divine remembrance of the holy birth canal of Unconditional Love, on behalf of All. True power is the power to choose Love, unconditionally, no matter what. To give birth through that unconditional response, with unwavering resilience, grace, and fierce compassion.

And Sunday 12/25 reveals a Neptune Pallas manifestation, followed by a Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, and Black Moon Vesta manifestation. There’s an unveiling of divine wisdom today, being revealed, manifested, and offered on behalf of All. Those with eyes to see (and the heart to feel) can behold the brilliant offering of Light. When we allow ourselves to receive on behalf of All, any expression of Love can be the sacred medicine that benefits All – no matter how big or how small. Any act of kindness, any expression of Love, any gesture of holiness can start a movement of Light that ripples through the ethers.

The practice this week is to choose Love as the unconditional response. In sacred silence, no verbal response is needed; the cellular activation and expression of Love sends vibrational frequencies through the structure of the planet and the atmosphere. Notice when the desire to Love or be loved becomes a distorted misuse of power through attachments, expectations, and agendas…and notice when Love becomes the divine frequency attunement and authentic expression of oneness. Love is the gift, the message, the breath of Life that resonates freely...within and without, above and below.

“You are the soul of the soul of the Universe, and your name is Love.” ― Rumi

Christine Clemmer

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