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Private Video Sessions with Zoe


Your Cosmic Star
new clients ~ initial reading

75 minutes /   $222

We begin here, your natal chart is a picture of your self and your life.  It’s a tool for self-understanding, an exploration of the knots in your psyche, a celebration of your essential self.  Together we explore the deeper meaning behind your existence, and understand the essence of who you are. 


Charts used for this session: Natal chart, progressions, solar return, and transits.

* Session through zoom, includes video recording*


Your Cosmic Relationship
relationship reading

70 minutes  /   $175

A relationship astrology reading compares two natal charts. It is an invaluable way to reveal the dynamics of the relationship, to determine the major patterns, and to offer a map that shows where our relationship can grow, expand, and reach its greater potential.


Charts used for this session: Natal, Progressed, Synastry, Composite.

 * Session through zoom, includes video recordings.​


Your Year Ahead
returning clients only

45 minutes /   $99

For returning clients only.  Is it time for an update?  Let's check back in with your chart.  

We will look at current transits, upcoming transits, and the overall energies you're working through. 


Charts used for this session: Natal, Progressed, Transits, Solar Return..

* Session through zoom, includes video recording


Shooting Star
quick check- in

15 minutes /   $44

Just as a shooting star happens in a split second, this session is a quick cosmic update.


* Available for new and returning clients 

* Session through zoom ~ Video recording NOT included.  

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