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1:1 PISCES New Moon: You Feel Blessed!

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is all about peace.

The 2nd month and the number 20 symbolize peace, love, kindness and balance.

It is also a wonderful lunation for taking your healing journey seriously.

This is the fourth consecutive New Moon at 1° of new beginnings.

Pisces is the final sign, essentially inviting endings and completion.

You are may be walking away from something because there is nothing else to learn from the experience.

At the same time the Moon and Sun are joined at 1°, signifying a fresh start.

You are at the end of one journey and have not begun the next.

Use this moment to bless your experience so far.

This is a highly fortunate New Moon – with the ruler of Pisces, Neptune conjunct Venus.

It is filled with joy, abundance, fortunate blessings,

spiritual breakthroughs and healing.

New Moons bring a fresh start – and this New Moon is conjunct Saturn (at 28° Aquarius).

The 1° New Moon is enhanced by Saturn at 28° – number that reduces to 10 and 1.

Saturn is Chronos = Time:

It’s time to move on to new experiences and a new way of being.

In Aquarius, Saturn says – take the risk and move on, even if you need to be in transition for a time.

Discover the gorgeous gifts of this amazing lunation and how it is leading to a new awakening.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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