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11:11 VENUS Star Point into LIBRA [10.22.2022]

A very special celestial event activates an epic new harmonious cycle on Saturday.

On Oct 22, 2022 the Venus Star Point ingresses into Libra, Venus’ home sign, for the first time in 250 years!

This is magnificent news, and a moment I have been looking forward to for a long time!

The stunning Venus Star Point cycles and the beautiful 5-pointed star they create were discovered and named by astrologer Arielle Guttman.

First let’s look at the amazing numerology code for the Venus Star Point into Libra celebration:

22.2022 adds up to 11.

The Venus Star Point begins with both Sun and Venus at 29°

29 reduces to 11 and opens the 11:11

Both 22 and 11 are master numbers.

11 is the Intuitive Master, 22 the Architect of Peace.

11 intensifies creative inspiration, new beginnings, pioneering energy.

22 intensifies peace, connection, harmony, intimate relationships and diplomacy.

Peace and intuition, harmony, love and beauty all define Venus, planet of creative inspiration.

And now, 250 years after the Venus Star Point’s last entry into Libra, we will benefit once again by this placement.

The two biggest themes being activated by the Venus Star Point’s move into Libra are:

Abundance and Love.

Any resistance to abundance can be neutralized more easily now.

Bring in the light and transmute any discordant beliefs and detachments you put on financial flow – including that money is only a form of survival.

Observe how you communicate about money.

Change the energy and your thoughts around that word, so you align with the frequency of abundance instead of lack and limitation.

As you catch all the resistances to abundance – everything shifts.

The other major aspect of Venus is LOVE.

This magnificent move by the Venus Star Point into Libra, sign of Love and Harmony, is inviting you to put Love first.

To put Creator, God, Source, Spirit FIRST.

Before anything.

We are ready to see the truth that we have been separated from each other, not only through our beliefs and our thoughts, but from the heart and soul.

We are all united, ONE Soul.

Love and Joyful Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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