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16:16:16:16 + 8:8 Taurus Total LUNAR ECLIPSE [Nov 8, 2022]

The pivotal Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8 will profoundly shift you from the inside out.

The Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus – agent of breakthroughs and change – and the Sun is merged with Venus and Mercury, while all five are square to Saturn, creating tension and a profound yearning for release from the past.

The total lunar eclipse is exact on November 8 at 11:01 am UT, 6:01 am, 3:01 am ET.

November is an 8 Universal Month.

So a powerful, empowering double 8:8 code is activated.

Amazingly, the degree number Moon opposite Sun is 16°.

Uranus is exactly conjunct the Sun – so also at 16°.

And the Universal Date for November 8, 2022 is

That activates a quadruple 16:16:16:16 code!

16 evokes the same surprises and unexpected breakthrough energy as Uranus conjunct the Moon.

Uranus and 16 both activate your intuition – which is crucial to connecting you to your heart, not your mind, as you navigate this stunning total lunar eclipse and the month of November.

Plus there is that tight and intense T-square to Saturn, ruler of Timing.

Moon and Uranus in Taurus, and Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are ALL in a T-square to Saturn.That means it is TIME to take responsibility for every moment of your life – the keyword for Saturn.

This overall intense astro-numerology code can either activate more polarity – or take you into your heart to rise above the polarization.

Of course you can change a polarized state at any moment.

It is just a choice you make.

The Full Moon opposition represents that choice.

So be vigilant – especially during this eclipse season – about choosing wholeness and harmony rather than separation and division.

With Venus conjunct the Sun and Venus Ruler of this Taurus Total Eclipse, discover how Venus with Mars is transforming how you create joyful, harmonious outcomes in ANY situation.

Love and Joyful Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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