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16:16:16 Leo Full Moon Feb 16

WELCOME the LEO Full Moon on February 16!

Leo is the Royal Sign of Creative Expression and is ruled by our Sun – a STAR.

With the Moon at 27° Leo opposite the Sun at 27° Aquarius – number of unconditional love and wise leadership – and February 16 activated by VENUS conjunct MARS at 16° Capricorn, this is a highly intuitive and positive Full Moon.

Surprising developments strongly encourage you to listen to your intuition and bypass the mind.

Venus conjunct Mars merges the Divine Feminine with Sacred Masculine…

How a highly fortunate transit with Jupiter that attracts lucky breaks…

How Venus/Mars sextile Neptune makes this a time for romance…

What the triple 16:16:16 code means for mid February…

Leo enhances Love and Romance, Creativity, Generosity, Celebration, Fun and Play, Dignity and Determination.

Leo is very generous. Giving transforms self centeredness into joy.

Life unfolds beautifully when you consciously align to the goodness and love within you – and EXPRESS that love and goodness which is what Leo is all about.

You are invited to fearlessly explore all that inspires you.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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