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2022 – Triple 2 Year

2022 is turning out to be a Triple 2 year extraordinaire! We will be under the influence of 222 mystery and magic all year. In Numerology, ‘2’ represents MOTHER energy – the number essence of caring, relating, nurturing, fairness, partnership and cooperation. As we segue from the past ‘1’ millennium of masculine hierarchy, 2022 is encoded to launch the new ‘2’ millennium, establishing more feminine balance in the world.

222 awakens the feminine power within all who are open and receptive to the new paradigm coming alive. 222 provides the sacred feminine wombspace for renewal, regeneration and rebirth. It is not replacing the dominant patriarch with a ruling matriarch. 2022 weaves and blends the masculine and feminine energies into a cohesive harmony of union and collaboration. 222 ushers in a new system of relating, communing and creating that draws from this united force.

As the old patriarchal system completes, decomposes and dies out, 2022 introduces the Goddess Infusion that melds, morphs, transmutes and transforms the masculine and feminine into its divine essence, as sacred partners. 222 amplifies feminine psychic abilities, empath abilities, healing abilities, receptivity and greater focus on Soul purpose and serving the ultimate good of the community.

222 is the master code of clarity, openness, transparency – when you add 11, 2 is the number of exposure, revelation, and enlightenment. We are likely to experience quite a lot of LIES being revealed during 2022. All shadow is being revealed and alchemized in the divine Light. Nothing can remain hidden, both personally and collectively. The brilliant 222 Light inflow radiates truth and justice for all life on the planet.

2022 is also a ‘6’ year (2+2+2). Due to rapid changes of the past two years, 6 inspires you to become more self-reliant and responsible, to establish your ‘place’ in the world. A 6 year emphasizes love and matters of the heart, family, friends, home, healing, security and safety. When love is your motivation, almost anything can be achieved.

According to Numerologist, Christine DeLorey: “There are now three powerful lanes of energy open to you. On the left and right, there are the unstable fringes of opposite extremes. The center lane is balance, and this is where you need to focus. Welcome to the 6 Year cycle in which you will feel a growing sense of duty and priority.”

2022 provides a cosmic opportunity to launch your ascended life as a divine human. It is a clarion call to connect deep within to your Soul essence and purpose in contributing to the global transformation. This year is the launching pad towards attaining your destiny as a living/breathing embodied Soul. We are the Light and Love of the cosmos!

Lovingly, Meg

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