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29:29 Saturn and Pluto Shift: Your Power To Determine Your Reality

n – the sign that Saturn rules – before moving into Aquarius two weeks later on March 23.

Pluto and Saturn both on the same “critical” 29 degree before moving into new signs – all within two weeks of each other – is super intense and ultimately incredibly liberating.

Especially if you remember Saturn and Pluto’s role in launching the beginning of the 2020’s!

Pluto’s next few weeks at the end of Capricorn invites you to look at when you may be playing small or when you keep doing something you don’t enjoy.

Notice what may be holding you back from feeling more passion.

Saturn’s imminent move into Pisces is asking you to immerse yourself in your infinite inner resources.

Picture the stars, picture galaxies – feel the energy of the cosmos on your heart.

Right now make very clear intentions for what you’d like to experience.

Abundance, Healing, Fulfillment, Love, Peace of Mind.

During this major shift as two slow moving and intense planets move into new signs, be open to experiencing it all!

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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