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5:5:5 FULL MOON in Sagittarius: Royal Star of the Lion

Early on June 14 we will be blessed by the FULL MOON in Sagittarius (with the Sun in Gemini) activating a code of liberation!

Moon and Sun will both be at 23° in Sagittarius and Gemini – 23 reduces to 5.

The Full Moon is exact on June 14 – reducing to 5.

This creates a triple 5:5:5 code of Freedom.

5:5:5 brings shifts, changes, rapid communication – and Freedom from Fear.

Add Sagittarius and Gemini into the mix and we have an amazing recipe for movement, fun, joy and rapid expansion on what you’re focusing on right now.

23 ushers in the deep confidence and fearlessness of the Royal Code of the Lion vibration.

Along with the invitation to take risks and explore, this full moon will also introduce a profoundly dreamy energy.

•Neptune is creating a close T-square with the Sun and Moon.

Illusions are shattered – your Dreams come true.

As always, it is a matter of perspective.

You’ll definitely feel more sensitive and may question reality.

Use the enhanced creative energy in an imaginative way. Beautiful music will help to soothe any frayed nerves…

Joyful Blessings!

Tania Gabrielle

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