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9:9:9 Code of Miracles Begins Month of JULY

In just hours JULY begins with a gorgeous Star Code…

  • The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 9° Cancer on July 1.

  • At the same time, Jupiter at 9° Taurus sextiles both the Sun and Mercury!

  • This triple 9:9:9 code invites love, wisdom, completion and celebration.

Jupiter’s double sextile to the Sun and Mercury invokes such optimism and enthusiasm!

Your present and future feel expansive and exciting…

You are important, what you choose is important. Your choices are co-creating your life and the experiences of this world with everyone.

Mercury sextile Jupiter encourages you to express yourself wisely and with optimism – to share your joy!

Sun sextile Jupiter instills blessings, good fortune and happiness.

One simple way to invoke the magnificently positive energy is to focus on uplifting others.

You are assisting immensely in the magnificent awakening process.

You may not realize it, but this is precisely what you are doing.

Don’t give negative thoughts your attention – instead trust in the Divine order. Then you’ll instantly feel abundant and fulfilled, in the true meaning of those words!

More blessings in the code are unveiled in the Universal Date:

  • 7.1.2023 adds up to 15 – number of the Spiritual Alchemist, Love, Abundance and uplifting others through Joy.

Spiritual Alchemy neutralizes fear through love and joy.

Heaven on Earth is the expression of Love.

When you invite Love into your heart, your doubts about Source’s existence dissolve. Your doubts about your worthiness to receive Love and Divine Blessings dissolve.

The world of miracles opens up to you…

Miracles are plenty when number 9 joins number 15!

  • 9 integrates the impact of what you share from your heart and the way you communicate unconditional love.

Your whole energy field expands when you unconditionally accept yourself – you will feel the love and you will embrace all with whom you have any interaction.

Optimism, wisdom, abundance and joy are the domain of Jupiter.

So, you can see why this stunning 9:9:9 Spiritual Alchemy Jupiter sextile Sun and Mercury Star Code gives such a bright outlook!

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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