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All The Astrological Events Happening In February

The astrology of February 2022 kicks off under the beams of a motivating new moon in Aquarius, which peaks just as we flip our calendars over to a new month. This amplifies the vibes of Aquarius season, which runs through Feb. 18 and gets us focused on the future. Speaking of the future, it’s finally feeling a little bit brighter thanks to Mercury retrograde wrapping up on Feb. 3 — which marks the end of retrograde season and kicks off nearly three months free of any major planetary backspins. Hooray! A fiery full moon in Leo heats things up for us a couple days after Valentine’s Day, and soon after Pisces season swoops in to plunge us into our dreamiest feelings. That said, we’ve still got lots of pragmatic Capricorn energy to keep us grounded through February, as lover planets Venus and Mars remain in this earth sign’s realm, as does communication-oriented Mercury until mid-month.

That’s the quick version, but there are lots more dates that you’ll want to mark on your cosmic calendar. Read on for your must-know February 2022 astrological overview.

New Month, New Moon

February gets off to a motivated start thanks to an inspiring new moon in Aquarius rises on Feb. 1 at 12:46am ET. For those of us west of the eastern time zone, this lunation will technically take place during the final hours of January, making it a rare Black moon, but it’ll still kick the new month off on a high note. This new moon is a great time to set hopeful but down-to-earth intentions and embrace your most unconventional wishes as push forward through the winter. It’s also a bright and auspicious way to embrace the visionary energy of Aquarius season.

The End Of Mercury Retrograde

We’re finally picking up the pace, as the first Mercury retrograde of the year officially comes to an end on Feb. 3. While Mercury will still be in its post-retrograde shadow period for a few weeks, the most intense portion of the retrograde cycle will be over — meaning we'll enjoy clearer communication, more manageable schedules, and hopefully less tech stress as we embark on a new month. It's a great time to start making good on your goals and execute the brilliant ideas that struck you during the backspin, or to smooth over any retrograde-induced drama that cropped up in your friend group.

Mercury stationing direct also means that for the first time since April 2021, none of the major planets will be retrograding — so it’s a lucky time to capitalize on the forward-flowing energy and use it to progress on our goals. Focus on what’s ahead, pour your heart into new projects, and enjoy this auspicious retrograde-free period. For the next couple months, you’ll have to blame your mix-ups on something other than the planets.

Aquarius Season Energy

The innovative and forward-thinking vibes of Aquarius season dominate the first few weeks of the month. As the sun travels through this fixed air sign’s territory, we’ll all be more inspired to connect with our communities, embrace our uniqueness, and visualize our hopes and wishes for the collective. The sun will be aligning with responsible planet Saturn on Feb. 4, which helps us get serious about our goals and create our progressive new own rules for ourselves. Toward the end of the season, on Feb. 14, mental planet Mercury will join the sun and Saturn in Aquarius — which puts an added emphasis on communication in friendships, unconventional thoughts, and inventive brainstorm sessions with our collaborators.

Asteroid Action

The asteroids in astrology aren’t used as commonly as the planets are, but these goddess-inspired celestial bodies can help everyone lean into their divine feminine energy. In February, there are lots of zodiacal shifts taking place in their realm. On Feb. 1, the asteroid Juno enters Aquarius. Juno represents true love and romantic commitment, and during its upcoming stay in Aquarius, it’ll make us more unconventional in the way we negotiate our partnerships and seek uniqueness in relationships. On Feb. 8, self-care asteroid Ceres enters Gemini, inspiring us to talk more openly about our feelings and connect with others as part of our healing journey. Finally, on Feb. 14, warrior goddess Pallas enters Aries, which emboldens us in our decision-making and puts a fire under our mental prowess.

A Steamy Valentine’s Week Full Moon

The week of Valentine’s Day could turn the heat up on our love lives, thanks to a fiery full moon in the fun-loving sign of Leo on Feb. 16. This flashy lunation puts our feelings front and center and asks us to boldly ask for what we want. If your Valentine’s Day itself is anticlimactic, you might find that the lunar aftershocks bring the real passion. Speaking of passion, romantic planet Venus and sex planet Mars will be joining forces in the zodiac the very same date, offering us a refreshing reset on our love lives, blending our desires with our values. This combination of planetary connections makes it a great time to express your feelings and be more assertive about what you want out of a relationship.

Diving Into Pisces Season

It’s time to cleanse our spirits, Pisces season-style. On Feb. 18, just a couple days after the full moon, the sun leaves Aquarius and ingresses into Pisces — marking the start of a beautiful journey in embracing our sensitive sides and artistic visions. This transit is heightened by the mystical presence of Jupiter in Pisces, which is serving us luck, abundance, and creativity in spades. It’s an especially magical season for spiritual exploration, diving into your daydreams, and finding inspiration in your emotions. Feel the fantasy!

Look out for sudden spiritual awakenings and flashes of inspiration ahead of Pisces season, on Feb. 17 — which is when Jupiter in Pisces connects with unpredictable planet Uranus in a sextile aspect for the first time in a decade. This planetary pairing kicks off Pisces season with an unexpected flair.

Pluto Return In The U.S.

On Feb. 22, the United States will experience its first Pluto return, a once-in-our-lifetime event that denotes the potential for radical transformations in the country. On this date, Pluto will return to the same place in the zodiac that it was during the “birth” of the United States in 1776 for the first time. Because Pluto is the planet of extremes, power, and the underworld, the country will have to reckon with what’s beneath the surface of the facade during this period, and hidden matters may be revealed, changing the dynamics of power. While this sounds intense, know that we’ve already been experiencing the effects of this cosmic event for years, given that Pluto is such a slow-moving planet.

Mysterious planet Pluto is also making another important connection this month, when it forms a harmonious trine aspect with the North Node of Destiny on Feb. 14. This adds a powerful sense of intensity and determination to our collective future, giving us strength, resolve, and the ability to transform on a societal level. This positive connection could prepare us for any climactic shifts that take place around the time of the Pluto return a week later.

Nina Kahn

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