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Aries New Moon: Igniting our Fire, Healing Old Wounds & Beginning Again

The Aries New Moon Ignites our Fire, Heal Old Wounds & Begin Again

Aries, the star of the April 1 New Moon, is an initiator. It’s the sign that enjoys the thrill of starting over. Aries thrives on beginnings and would much rather leave the endings to someone else. If you need to begin anew, Aries is the sign to call upon. There’s only one New Moon a year in the sign that forges forward with fierce courage, despite the odds. Whether you are game for an adventure or not, this Aries New Moon is asking you to give something new a try.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will also be a dominant player in the story. As Chiron continues his trek through in Aries (a place he’s been since 2018), we’re pioneering or fighting for something that takes courage and bravery. Perhaps we’re trying to make peace with the past and heal old wounds while pioneering something new. Or perhaps our wounds are recent and we’re trying desperately to rise above them. Whatever the case, a necessity to put our coat of armor on and carry a brave face calls out.

With all planets still moving direct, the energy surrounding this time is ripe with possibility. It’s an opportune moment of the year to become alive in a totally different kind of way. Innovation is around in more ways than one. In every other 2022 New Moon picture, there will be at least one if not more planets going retrograde. Indeed, this is one of the most ripe moments to rev your engine up and hit the gas.

But there are caveats to be aware of as you set forth with your initiations. A fair amount of risk comes along for the ride (as it always must with Aries!). Aries ignites the flames and doesn’t really think about what happens next.

Anger Issues: Mars & Saturn Dilemma

Nothing is ever quite perfect! While a major part of the April New Moon story is GO, there’s another side that has the breaks on. Mars, the ruler of Aries, will be moving quickly through Aquarius heading into a collision with Saturn (exact on April 4) . This combination screams road blocks and some sort of ‘NO.’ Because Aries wants what it wants, feelings of irritation and and frustration could surround us.

Unfortunately, all the feelings brewing (a lot of it likely suppressed anger) don’t have a clear pathway out. Some of us may feel like screaming but forced to sit in silence. If you feel a surge of feelings, direct them towards getting a project done solo rather than with someone else. Aries prefers working alone. Redirecting this bowl of energy into something positive could help us move mountains!

Mars and Saturn will also be in a square with the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. We’re continually be pressed and poked to break away from old karmic patterns and contracts that are tripping us up.

Going with the Flow: Jupiter & Neptune

One of the most profound opportunity factors of this Aries New Moon is Jupiter and Neptune. They will be heading closer to their exact conjunction in Pisces. While Jupiter and Neptune meet up every 13 years, they haven’t met in Pisces since the mid-1800’s! Something rare is unfolding — but it can’t be pegged down. Despite all the Aries in the air, the Pisces waves will be kicking up. Pisces isn’t explainable, it’s an enigma of confusion, compassion and spirituality. It want’s you to believe in something better and have faith that good follows the bad.

A universal help factor could come along with this New Moon. But it could be something totally unexpected. The key to tuning into it is being open to what’s flowing easily. Where is the path of least resistance? Could there be an opportunity there for you?

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