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Cazimi June New Moon in Cancer: Action, Emotion & Opportunity

The June New Moon in Cancer Delivers Action, Emotion & Opportunity

On June 28, the sign of Cancer will take center stage. Cancer is the sign of the great protector and mother. It represents family and holds those it cares about ever so close—and holds on tight! It is the great nurturer and influence that let’s us know that feelings count for more than most of us think. Cancer encourages care, protection, honoring emotional needs and listening to our hearts. All of these themes will dominate the end of the month scenery as the Cancer New Moon ignites.

This is a New Moon scene that brings us into a family centered arena. It’s action packed, filled with lots of emotions, the need for communication and courage as you embark upon needing to make possible confrontations.

Special Opportunity with a Cazimi New Moon

The June New Moon in Cancer will be Cazimi. In simple terms, Cazimi means good luck and opportunity (AKA: Auspicious). However, in order to understand the actual meaning of a Cazimi in Astrology, we need to begin by looking at the power of the Sun. Its rays are so strong and influential that anything coming close to it is burned up by its immense power.

Any planet whose center is within 17 minutes of the arc of the center of the Sun is referred to as Cazimi. A Cazimi Moon (which can only happen at the time of a New Moon) is good to use if you want something to really succeed. It’s one of the highest forms of good luck. As far as the time frame goes, a Cazimi Moon is in effect for about a half an hour before the conjunction of the Sun and half an hour after. *Keep in mind that not all New Moons are Cazimi.

So despite some of the complications and emotions of this New Moon, there’s a silver lining to tap into! Sometimes good things come in unattractive packages!

Deeper Meaning of the Sign of Cancer

In order to tap into the potential of this June New Moon, we’ve got to get to the heart of Cancer’s MO. Emotional awareness is what Cancer craves along with taking care of its closest connections. Never discount its ability to persevere and do whatever is necessary to protect those they love. The sign of Cancer has the potential to lead the most ferocious battle when it deems a cause necessary.

Being a cardinal sign, they are perseverant and driven. Some of the most successful people are born under this sign. A Cancer always goes in “all or nothing.” Similar to a crab that clutches onto something for dear life, a Cancer does the same. It has an ability like no other to hang on to things it loves. Letting go is never an option. When a Cancer takes something into their heart they guard it forever.

Importance of Solitude

What’s most important to know about Cancer is that it sometimes needs to be left alone. Some might see this kind of behavior as moody but it really isn’t if we are in tune with their true nature. A Cancer needs to go through a type of quiet regeneration at various stages. They need a quiet time of solitude where they can recharge as well as rebalance all of the many surrounding energies.

At the time of this June New Moon, you too, may need a little solitude. New Moons are important reboots and moments of stillness. Energies will be running very high and taking a time out may be necessary. It’s ok if you need to be left alone. Just be careful of self-sabotage or secluding yourself for too long.

Building Mars Pluto Square: Courage Amidst Difficulty

An important feature of this Cancer New Moon is a building square between Mars (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn). There will be a challenge lurking beneath the surface at this time. Maybe it’s a family member or maybe it’s a situation where you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Whatever the case, some of us may feel like the forces are against us — and in some ways they are.

Use the power of Mars in Aries to connect to courage to change the things you can. But accept the barriers that may present in the things or people you can’t.

Neptune Station Retrograde

Last but not least is Neptune, the planet of compassion, spirituality, illusion and delusion! He will be making his annual station retrograde at the same time as this emotional New Moon. Check in with me in my Member Horoscopes for some deeper insights on not only this high energy New Moon but Neptune’s turn!

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