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Ceres in Libra: December 2022 - March 2023 & June - September 2023

Ceres moves from earthy Virgo to airy Libra in 11 days, and will be in and out of Libra for a while. What does this have in store for us?

What is Ceres in astrology?​

Ceres is technically a dwarf planet (like Pluto) but in astrology, we call it an asteroid (as it was before the dwarf planet designation). Ceres is super nurturing, supportive, caring, and there for you. I describe it as a supercharged Moon (maybe mixed with a little Venus).

Ceres in Libra 2022-2023 Dates:

enters Libra on December 18th 2022

turns retrograde in Libra on February 3rd 2023

exits Libra on March 22nd 2023

ends retrograde on May 6th 2023 (in Virgo)

re-enters Libra on June 21st 2023

exits Libra on September 15th 2023

General Impact of Ceres in Libra:

Ceres can work well in the sign of Libra since Libra is the sign ruling others and relationships, and Ceres is a very supportive, nurturing planet. Ceres in Libra helps us to connect more with others, to nurture the relationships and partnerships in your lives, and to feel more supported in return.

Peace and harmony can be more important, and without peace and harmony, we can feel unsupported and that we lack what we really need. Compromises can be big, and can lead the way out of trouble.

Balance can also be important, and having balance in our lives can make us feel more secure and emotionally stable. We can give more attention to what we;ve been ignoring, and bring that balance into our lives.

The start of this transit is a bit wonky though, as Jupiter moves into opposing Aries just after Ceres enters Libra, and they form a cardinal t-square as they square (hard aspect, 3 signs away) Pluto in Capricorn, and this lasts until March.

This adds extra energy to the mix, and we may fight over support and resources. The missing sign is Cancer, the sign of emotion, home, and family, so we need to be more mindful of emotional needs, treat others kindly, and remember to compromise.

The difficulty increases with Ceres retrograde (appearing to move backward) starting on February 3rd 2023 in Libra, and lasts in Libra until March 22nd. Ceres retrograde in Libra makes resources and support very difficult to get or give, and we may find that others are being stingy, or we're insecure about sharing.

Issues around lack, sharing, and support likely need to be addressed, otherwise our relationships, partnerships, and alliances can suffer.

Ceres leaves Libra and retrogrades in Virgo, so it comes back to Libra for a few months after that, and the final leg can help us get back on track in our relationships, use resources well, and find a way to come together.

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